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Message From A Young Man

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I took a walk one sunny afternoon and a young man called to me and asked: ‘Sir can you sit with me?’ And this is what he said:

IMAGINE the neglect society puts on child abuse, some times we question ourselves why we behave in a particular way. But first it start with home training.

Things aren’t usually what it seems to before the smile says one thing while our heart says another.

Single parenting isn’t easy as a child. Parents tend to lash out at us simply because one parent doesn’t support the other.

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Look at the life we are living. There is a saying train up a child in the right way and when he is old he will not depart from it.

We are here wondering what love is, because we have never been loved by our parents . He said I have never heard these three simple words: ‘I LOVE YOU’.

People take advantage of us whether it be verbally, sexually or even physically. ‘Poor us’ he said ‘The things we go through’. And yet reaching home at the end of the day and instead of our parents cheering usĀ  up they nail negative thoughts in our head, saying we aren’t good and we grow up thinking we are not.

I often sit and wonder why teenager’s mark their skin with blades and I ask ‘IS IT BEACUSE OF LOW SELF ESTEEM? OR THE LACK OF SELF CONFIDENCE?’

Where does child abuse leave someone? Tell me is it a generational curse or something worse?

Those who suffer child abuse are very uncomfortable around family and friends. Those we trust tend to mistreat us or destroy us mentally.

It is said that your past is your past but unless we are cured from our history we won’t and he said we won’t have a bright an clear future.

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Josh Servais
I am a very determined an dedicated person who is willing to strive at all cost.

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  1. Very information article – however, I must state the following while not making any excuse for child abuse or bad behavior. I have not been abused thank God – but I have witnessed in others what abuse can do. It literally leaves you shattered and lost.-however, there is hope don’t despair. Having said this – let me share my thoughts respectfully.
    – historical the key factor is a lack of effective communication
    – most of this is passed down from one generation to another – it needs to stop now
    – in the islands most parents perceive love as providing food and clothing (that’s not it)
    – however love is sincere and decent interaction with each other is paramount and healthy
    – it’s ok to hug in decency and in order and it’s ok to cry
    – education is another aspect whereby folk refuse to educate themselves-but would rather hold on to tradition. Tradition can sometimes be extremely unhealthy.
    – therapy is fundamental (however it does not sit well with islands folk)-not sure if it’s pride or it is perceived as insanity ????//
    – you must strive to do better and break the curse for the next generation to be able to be confident
    – stop repeating behavior which is unhealthy – break the cycle
    – I always hug my family members and tell them I love them every chance I get

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