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Mother Says Fatal Faux A Chaud Shooting Was An Accident


The Mother of a sixteen-year-old who was shot dead at Faux A Chaud, Castries, on Saturday is mourning the teenager’s death and the arrest by the police of the deceased’s older sister in connection with the fatal shooting.

The Mother, Lisa George, said that  based on the information she received, the fatal shooting was an accident.

Lisa George – Mother of deceased

“They were playing with a gun. When I went to where the incident took place I saw my daughter dead with a gunshot wound to the head. I didn’t know what to do, what to say,” George told St Lucia Times.

She explained that her deceased daughter, Miguela Joseph, turned sixteen on October 9 and was a form four student of the Corinth Secondary School.

The Mother described the teenager as a cheerful young woman who loved dancing and singing.

Headline photo: Miguela Joseph – Deceased

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  1. “They were playing with a gun,” she said. But “Mother,” how did they happen to be in possession of it?

  2. What was the gun doing in the hands of her sister in the first place an to the mother i feel ur pain but if ur children r in ur home don’t u have any tuff rules in place at home and don’t u check with what and who enters ur home with ur children an how is it possible for other parents to do this but not u

  3. To be honest you the mother should be arrested to. An illegal gun in your house and you don’t know. I have no apology for my comment.

  4. Mother, you are responsible and you should accept the blame. Why in the world should a 16 year old be playing with a gun ? She should have been taught otherwise. Where did they find the gun ? at home? at school?
    Where mother?
    I sympathize with your pain but you have several questions to answer

  5. Who own the gun and was it a licence firearm owner ? Serious questions need to be answered. The entire social fabric of St Lucia has gone to the tubes . The system, the church, the so called civic groups example Rotary club and the Lions club and the two political parties have failed the people . Take for example over 80 percent of private sector workers have to work 12 and 16 hours a day or night to earn 48 dollars EC. We are living in a failed state just like Haiti…

  6. Who own the gun and was it a licence firearm owner ? Serious questions need to be answered. The entire social fabric of St Lucia has gone to the tubes . The system, the church, the so called civic groups example Rotary club and the Lions club and the two political parties have failed the people . Take for example over 80 percent of private sector workers have to work 12 and 16 hours a day or night to earn 48 dollars EC. We are living in a failed state just like Haiti…

  7. The Mother Knows everything about that illegal Gun .I am positive that the police Won’t Recover that Murder Weapon .It will be in the Hands of Criminals who live in that Same area.Instead of Reporting it to the police She Decided to play with it .The wespon was loaded with a Round in the Breech and her Finger on the Trigger.Her sister Standing infront of the gun .So when she pull tge Trigger what she expwcted its not a Stephen Segal Movie .Collateral Damage she killed her sister.Other with illegal guns must learn to take it in to the police to save lives

  8. It is not only the mother to be blame but also the system has to be blame to as well as the mother must be a single parent working 12 to 16 hours a day for wages as low as 3 dollars EC so where is she getting the time to spend with her teenage daughter. It is the oppressive capitalist system

  9. These girls only date ti negs on the block most of which have guns..(she want gunman in she hole🎶) that’s the kind of garbage music that is glorified in all walks of st.lucia. And people wondering where she got the weapon..really?

    All the Jamaica trash that is welcomed here at fetes and the airwaves is being banned in Jamaica as we speak.

    I will keep saying it..person with illegal firearms in their possession should be executed forthwith..make it law

  10. as we all have failed each other….people speak God many dont want to hear they criticize……people know there are ppl as we speak that have guns in their possession but their lips are sealed…..people insult and ridicule police for their efforts… wat now??? any suggestions to curb our ills??

  11. Well said! Again, well said! We need to hear this from more people and make a positive change. It is proven that the garbage they call music now is contributing to the violence.

  12. Maysyaii awa ee dem girls didnt hear what happened to d teenaged boy recently der.smgdh.DONT YOLL LEARN YOLL REALLY DONT.even if d mother begs for forgiveness from d law for her they should penalize her accordingly.the boy friend shot him accidentally panicked and first instinct was to dump d body.anyway dem young ones dont listen to news and are only aware of tik toc and social media.MAKE HER TAKE ALL HER JAIL it’s not in d hands of d mother to say wat penalty she gets.turn her into an example.CHOOOOOOOOOPS

  13. Reading this is painful. Also, at their age, they should have known better. (16 years+ playing with a gun?!)
    May God help this mother.

  14. We should not satisfy our selves by looking in the opposite direction and blame the system. This is a tragic matter that could have been avoided and may it never happen again. I hope you get some comfort to know that I began my career earning 25 EC a month. It is discipline, responsible and respect and regard for others that counts

  15. The child was not shot at her home but in a house in the community. I sympathise with all involved. It can’t very easy having 2 daughters taken away from you on the very same day. Investigations should uncover the gun owner and he/she must be brought into account. I highly doubt it was a legal firearm. Counselling must be provided to the family. This is a traumatic occurence.

  16. Well…you play stupid games,you win stupid prizes.It’s not like they’re from the Stone Age & don’t know what a gun is.

  17. Tis horrible accident is a reflection of a corrupted St Lucian society.
    We offer condolences to the family.
    We accept in this society unreservedly that two young women can have access to a gun – probably illegal.
    Was this obtained from the type of people they hang around with?
    Did the family in the home know a gun was in the house?
    Whwre is the gun?
    The worst part is that after the first feigned surprise and anguish everyone will just move on – just another incident in corrupt St Lucia.

  18. Was the reporter being empathic? maybe and rightly so. then again it’s an ongoing investigation, certain questions would be avoided. but Ma it’s better you had said nothing. accident or not, no one should be playing with a firearm, and having in your possession an unlicensed firearm is a felony. although the article did not say if it was. your daughter is facing serious charges it may not be murder 1 but

  19. That just crazy on a whole, since when has guns become a toy?? And by right even thou you are playing with a gun NEVER point it at a person NEVER, you nvr know the outcome of it.

  20. “Every body has failed us” – poor petit.
    The question before us is. ” What are you – we doing, willing to do – to sacrifice to help improve the system.
    Staying on the sidelines and and wish and hope and criticize with not move the SLU we all love forward – you’re got to “jump In my friend and do your part

  21. What’s next? The president of the Senate (upper chamber) is arrested; the Speaker of the House of Parliament threatens to eliminate the public that pays his salary. Our students hear but don’t listen and rely entirely on the examples given by the flawed characters who hold leadership positions in this society. Our youth are schooled but not educated and lack the ability to discriminate fantasy from reality. Poor soul, this young girl lost her life because her mother was too stupid to bring an end to the ” gunplay” between her two daughters. Hello!! St.Lucia, land we love to desecrate.

  22. Charges should be filed against Mom or owner for not protecting children from deadly weapon. More charges if gun was illegal. RIP

  23. I am 99.99999% sure it wasn’t…Individuals with licensed firearms rarely make young girls play with a loaded firearm with the safety off,not saying it hasn’t happened but it’s rare to hear of it…This most likely was a girl who was in love with a “badman” (skillibeng voice) & he let her play with his gun because I guess that’s what shows they’re BAD,nothing like when a young girl who grew up in a rather toxic community has a bad man as her BF,the clout & backa you have is high until the badman dies.

  24. An utter tragedy and a family shattered by the needless and wholly untimely death of a young woman. Heartbreaking doesn’t begin to describe this awful situation.

    That said, and despite not wanting to disagree with a grieving mother, it is important to bear in mind there are NO accidents with firearms. A firearm only discharges for one of three reasons:

    a. intent;
    b. negligence; or
    c. mechanical malfunction.

    Further, many cases of mechanical malfunction are directly attributable to negligence in the care and maintenance of the firearm. There are no accidents with firearms.

  25. These Foolish Gangster Music have been banned in Jamaica.The Entire World Should bann these shit Music in their Country..Make way .for Rastafari Contious Reggae Music which will never die

  26. What a load of rubbish you just wrote. So are you telling me Stanley and Claudius are responsible for a 20 year old girl having a gun and tragically shooting her 16 year old sister? When will we start taking responsible for our own actions and stop blaming politicians? Smfh

  27. its time for this world to come to a complete end. a reset if needs be, but enough with the current state of affairs and how ManWicked ( not Mankind) continue to do as they please , And this does not stem from this report and situation alone, its a collection of every thing happening in this world and what continues to happen.

  28. Having a gun in ones possession is a dangerous thing, even licensed gun holders have learnt that in some extra ordinary cases. Unless one has been trained in the use and safety of firearms and Ammunition then there is a serious problem in having being exposed to or being near to one who is in possession of Firearms. Firearms in possession of anyone whether licensed or not is a hazard. Firearms found should be taken immediately to the nearest Police station or call the Police to retrieve it. Unconsciously or consciously the first thing that one who has no training in handling a firearm does is to squeeze the trigger not knowing if it is loaded or not.

  29. You should comment only on what you understand. You’re a fool. I’m sure Stanley and Claudius understand the intent of the comment.

  30. Whatever happened to the tough new penalties that Cabinet is supposed to put in place for persons found in possession of illegal guns? Is that still in the works? Or, are there too many “big guys” and their cronies who are tied to illegal weapons for such an intiative to get going? Just asking for a friend.

  31. is the same media the playing those stupid music that influencing the youth the same media tomorrow coming back and lamenting how the society is damage. its always about sex . violence make fast money that the kind of music we hear every day

  32. it will come to an end…have no fear…the sad thing is some are not ready to accept this fact..but as is said the Almighty will come and will not tarry……man’s heart is getting more wicked by the nanosecond…..its now hitting home to our children……parents you may be at work or where ever you are try your utmost best to ensure your children are in the right hands….theres only so much u can do but the so much can take u so far… all starts in the homes

  33. @ Sister your comment is the only one that shows common sense and empathy. Such a traumatic thing to happen, and yet Lucians as usual are quick and harsh in them judgmental comments without knowing the full facts. Perhaps the journalist could have done a better job in their reporting. I feel so sad for this family, and wish that others (online) could actually put themselves in the mother’s place instead of criticizing and judging her. Perhaps she didn’t use the right words “playing with a gun” but remember that she just lost her 16 hear old daughter, by her other daughter’s hand… She would not be in a normal state of mind. Whether the gun was legal or illegal, whoever the owner is needs to be questioned and charged accordingly.

  34. I just want to know why is only the sister that’s in police custody as per the articles, and not the boyfriend as well. Whether the gun was illegal or legal he should not have handed it to the sister.

  35. Perhaps the sister is taking the rap for the boyfriend – only God knows for he is all knowing. Not certain if St. Lucia even has the capability to decipher in totality who handled the firearm as well as ballistics report ?????????????

  36. I can accept maybe the 16 year old playing with a gun. Teenagers can be stupid.

    But a 20 old woman?

    Had to accept. By 20 you know the dangers of playing with a loaded gun.

    They family will happily dismiss this as an “accident”. It’s harder to accept a sister shooting her sister deliberately.

    After all they’ve already lost one. They can’t fathom losing the other to a lengthy prison sentence.

    Either way accident or not decisions have consequences…

    Particularly when you ought to know tight from wrong.

    I don’t see this as an accident. It’s negligence 💯


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