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Caught On Tape: Armed Robbery At Morne Bakery

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Armed bandits attacked the Morne Bakery in Castries shortly after noon on Wednesday and made off with cash.

“I was there receiving money from my drivers and shops, and in the process of receiving it, I heard a hard slamming at the glass door,” Managing Director Randall Alexander told reporters.

Alexander said the door swung open while he thought it was an unruly worker, and two gunmen appeared demanding to know where the money was.

“Get down! Pass the money!” The Managing Director recalled the gun-toting criminals saying.

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“Of course, I complied because they were armed,” he said.

He said the intruders searched the premises, eventually declaring that the money they had stolen was not all there was for the taking.

“And they were right because when I saw them I had a bundle of notes in my hand and I flung it underneath the desk and they pulled the desk and saw it,” Alexander recalled.

“I told them:’ Well, take everything.’ I had some bags of coins – they took the coins as well, and while searching, a third one came in and went through the other desk drawers and the cabinet. He went through my bag -burst a desk drawer,” he stated.

The bandits also took mobile phones and other valuables before fleeing.

The Morne Bakery official acknowledged the need for business owners to secure their premises and protect themselves from armed robbery.

However, he explained that business owners could only do so much.

He asserted that the criminal mindset has to change with draconian action by the authorities.

“Just talking and trying to appeal to these hardened criminals will not have any effect. They will continue. Burglaries will be on the rise, and people’s lives will be at risk,” Alexander declared.

According to the official, it may reach the point where Saint Lucia will be labeled ungovernable and a failed state.

“We have to take draconian measures. Don’t give in to persons like the human rights people and the sycophants who will talk about the rights of the criminals,” he stated.

“Right now it is rapidly descending into chaos and it seems like the authoirities cannot do anything,” he said

“It’s either we have a country or we give it up to the criminals,” he asserted.

“On the economic side, we know what it does to the economy. Persons are discouraged from running businesses. People are discouraged from making the extra sacrifice to generate income and create employment. Persons will just throw up their arms and surrender,” he lamented.

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  1. Though the possibility of 1 being traumatized from that event is high I’m just glad you escaped with your lives… this time. As he stated, we need to take more drastic measures before we lose our island to criminals and end up like a failed state e.g. what’s going on in Haiti currently. May the 1s in positions to make the difference make the difficult decisions that we so desperately need. Godspeed and one love.

  2. start investigating your workers .how comes the bandits know just what time you were receiving money from drivers and shop? sometimes the criminals working from inside too

  3. This is just terrible, terrible.
    Young men, young people!!!
    Please put a stop to the criminal acts. Take this advice; stop please. You are putting St Lucia in a bad bad place.

    I know things are hard but turn to Jesus instead. Speak to him from a sincere heart and he will make the difference for you.

  4. Why was the door not locked? Smph , All the bakeries need to be sporting more security on some kind of level.

  5. Why don’t we start taking responsibility for our actions and stop blaming the government. Did they send the criminals to Rob the bakery smh. You lucians must stop your political rubbish

  6. PROTECT THE VICTORY. That is what our tax money is going into. I hope all those who voted are happy with the effort being made to Protect the Victory. Then remember they are telling the youth to start their own business whiles they gv all contracts and public jobs to their friends n family. Open your own business and put yourself at risk of being robbed and traumatized meanwhile us Party hacks drinking cavier in villas and hotels.

  7. All bandits steal cellphones- so what is effing issue in having flow and digicel track the locations of those? I honestly believe some big businesses and government officials benefit from crime–that is why little is being done!!!!!!

  8. It seems crime has been legalized in st Lucia it’s like there’s no law governing just country

  9. It’s so sad to see that you own three businesses and will still be turned down a firearm license to protect yourself ,your family and your businesses when these criminals have no heart and no mercy for any of us whatsoever. We as business owner need to harden up a bit so when we get the chance on them just kill them and answer question after . COP we know you are new and unsettled but please do what’s needs to be done and see that the business owners are protected.

  10. Modern day slavery in vieux fort you have to work over 16 hours every day as a security to earn less than 48 EC dollars the law says after 40 hours is overtime but the security boss is a thief with the help of the supervisor crime will never stop in St Lucia they are just using the people to make money for themselves and they are buying land all over st Lucia

  11. Modern day slavery in vieux fort you have to work over 16 hours every day as a security to earn less than 48 EC dollars the law says after 40 hours is overtime but the security boss is a thief with the help of the supervisor crime will never stop in St Lucia they are just using the people to make money for themselves and they are buying land all over st Lucia

  12. No, thieves should Not do that to any business.. but this is a problem for the entire country. It is an extension of a much wider, Stealing-problem, of some greedy business men/dirty lawyers/conniving pastors and some jezebel/vanity women benefit from those I’ll gotten gains ..they need to lock them up and give them 20 to 30 years away from family, children and sunlight! Thievry in St. Lucia takes place on a grand scale in different forms, e.g. stealing of properties from families who can’t pay to defend their rights, and broad day light robberies on camera…look at the thieves body language, mannerisms, they shouldn’t be very hard to locate!!! Thank God, I don’t have to deal with all those idiotic excuses from power hungry politicians who don’t care about their constituents….very soon people may get like Robbin Hood to protect themselves and their businesses…bring back public flogging for those types of crimes…our laws are our laws!

  13. The Manager said that He Reviewed The Camera Footage and Saw an Exemployee Standing at The Entrance Giving the Robbers a Sign with His Finger.The Police Should have arrested Him by Now .Most of these Robberies are inside information or by Exemoloyees.The Police should have been Solving these Robberies.

  14. Desperation…. I guess livk mouth is no longer coming in.? Money and crumbs no longer coming to your doorstep for doing jack.

    Your entire party less King robbed the state blind. The thieves without the arms are even more dangerous than those with. That’s why you’ll were removed.

    It’s now you start to cry….😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Let me guess you’re a 43%ter.


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