Five Saint Lucians & Four Non-Nationals Held For Drug Possession, Other Offences

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Marine police officers arrested five Saint Lucians and four non-nationals for possessing drugs and other contraband over the past few days.

The non-nationals included boat owners and captains from Martinique, Dominica and Saint Vincent and the Grenadines.

Officers arrested them and the locals for possession of marijuana and having conch without a permit.

In one case, the Marine Police seized a local vessel for evading customs duties and other offences as law enforcement officials crack down on illegal activities at sea.

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There are no further details at present.

Headline photo: (Stock image of Marine Police vessel)

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  1. An while we’re at it no one gets charged for the illegal weapons found in the refrigerator and the marijuana in the container…..SMDH WE ARE SUCH A CORRUPT SOCIETY. You think the ordinary man will take law enforcement seriously? NOT AL ALL!!!


  2. Exactly @@straight, bc this senior law officer positioned his own daughter to pick up his sheet knowing they’re be lenient. This is mind blowing! Just imaging what USA police reading that are thinking!….. smph…. And again exactly @ Putin all they have to PHoCking do is sign in….. for any PHoCking crime on this island u just have to sign in, what a joke these officers are liars and putting the blame on others , hopefully this will be seen through and be officially charged an the public will be notified!.

    • Oh and don’t forget the magistrates and parliamentarians who are solely responsible for the public and non publics help but this is what they do! Welcome to St Lucia World!… he’s honeymoon award plus this… smFH….

      • And while am at it, why not hold these new developers and owners of purchased land responsible for environmental damages due to their invasive digging and cutting and remaking of our soil to suit there needs and at the same time quick to kick out the public from entertaining their premises…. ENVIRONMENTAL DAMAGE ACCOUNTABILITY for New Developments on island North Tip to South tip 27 miles…. Make more money for the People suffering on this island!.


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