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One Man Dead, Another Injured After Soufriere Shooting


One man is dead and another injured after a shooting incident in Soufriere on Saturday afternoon.

Both men were described as long-time Saint Lucia residents and citizens of of the country.

According to reports, the shooting incident occurred at a bar in the community.

There are no further details at present.

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  1. Condolences to the affected families. As a country we need to remember that we need our nurses to care for the sick and injured. Therefore, we need to advocate for our student nurses at SALCC. We are currently being emotionally and mentally punished under the administration of the department of nursing at SALCC with absolutely no justification. The voluntary induced crisis within the department of nursing at SALCC deserves national attention. Health care is certainly a public health concern.

  2. Smh terrible reporting as usual, “long time St. Lucia residents and citizens of the country”. Wow

  3. So much for our national security. The government is MUTE on crime expecting it to fix itself since they can’t be blamed for it. Useless minister of national security….the worst we have ever had.

  4. There’s no need to be always critical of what you read, when the details become clearer you may understand why the story line was phrased in that way.

  5. could you please take your concern to the relevant authorities. I don’t think this is the place for it

  6. Please do not spread nonsense, my father is a Lucian/UK law abiding citizen living here for over 35 years. He’s stable but with a bullet to the shoulder and his friend is gone. These are elderly peaceful people who have served the community from the time they got here. My beautiful home is becoming like hell while people post all sorts of hate and rubbish online supporting politicians who are doing nothing to save our country.

  7. you all remember those political hacks . to be a little more specific those yellow color supporters who were praying for bad things to happen because they lost election well just maybe they are working behind the scenes doing their evil works to cause the people to become so violent demonizing the country. evil doers

  8. Business as usual no Minnister of Government saying a word on these Foolishness Increase of Gun Related Homicides not a word .I am a Strong Slp man .But I hàve tàken a Bàck seat too much unsolved Homicides in St.Lucia .We Finish

  9. Where is the little Black Boy from Marchand ? Is he going to have another pre- recorded speech and then take off to go dine wit the Taiwanese. Is he going to tell us he is not a police officer but his father was ? I s he going to remind us to stop pretending as if the sky is falling whenever there is a gun related crime. Is he going to make promises related to gun violence and never fulfill them ? Where us the Little Black Boy from Marchand – just asking for a friend.

    Slu is bleeding and we need not a night nurse or a doctor. We need done leadership to craft out a plan to at least the crime violence. We need leadership to understand the issue at head and provide a solution – execute the plan accordingly . We need leaders who will not point fingers but get to work for the people who elected them.

  10. u dontt think? well think….nonsense and is ppl like u wen they commit to all kinda things saying aa why he or she didnt tell nobody????

  11. We no longer have a Mary Francis what is this. Screw the so called human rights activist. Start hanging those persons who thinks its ok to just take away lives as if they are God.

  12. Uh huh, that evil energy won’t work cause they not in power. Meanwhile you can ask SLP Red Devils what they did to win election and if they spread the sourcery all over the island.

  13. It is becoming unfortunately repetitious that we have to constantly say ‘Condolences ‘ to our people losing our loved ones.
    I noted in a previous post that our citizens abroad are now scared of coming home to invest, buy a home or even visit. This homicide sad to say, proves my point.

    As also noted these murders and crime lowers any prospect of real economic growth if we cannot even get our own to come back. And there will be much lamentation if this affects the tourist trade.
    It is not worth dwelling on too much but there has to be a correlation between this level of crime and the types of thugs we have in government. Uncaring, vulgar, incompetent.
    Sweet Helen is no more.

  14. Still, they run a website not like they getting paid for nothing, the detailing could of been a lil better.

  15. @Just Me, people like you need to stop being idiots. When the former administration was in office crime was escalating. This administration is there, and crime is escalating. If we are to accept your argument that it is opposition people ” doing their evil works to cause the people to become so violent demonizing the country”, then it is fair to say that it was SLP supporters doing their evil works to cause the people to become so violent demonizing the country during the time of the last administration. Idiots like you must think before you post. If the opposition is behind the mounting crime, the SLP when it was in opposition was behind the mounting crime because we are seeing the same pattern. So, stop being ridiculous, idiot.

  16. That’s just ignorance. Crime is every one’s business. We need to spread love and togetherness stop letting colour separate the country

  17. Fair, er, I mean Dark Helen, is now warded in her own Intensive Care Unit, and the people who have the responsibility to attend to the nation’s ills — i.e., the leaders and the general citizenry — are themselves too ill (socially, morally, spiritually, etc.) to render the needed aid!

  18. You’re seriously gonna waste your time and spew that garbage…go take a look at the ministers in this administration’s cabinet and think long and hard…

  19. We the people have given our all. We have made all kinds of suggestions that the authorities can implement to hinder the carnage, but they either don’t take heed, or perhaps our efforts are not good enough. What more to say ? We need action now ! Something must be done before something do you ?

  20. Whilst PM is wining and dining and ensuring that his boys and gals are taken care of, the people who worked the ground and worked hard to put him in power are living in fear. When his big boys crimes go unpunished, criminals become emboldened. When they abuse their power and PM goes to court to show support , criminals become emboldened. When they can assault and threaten people in church and excuses are made, criminals become emboldened and when the minister of National Security is a weak, weak man criminals become emboldened.

  21. You very right about that. Lucians like mess, gossip, lies, bacchanal and fight down. You doing good, they saying you bad. You do bad they calling it good. Where you going as a country from there? The change have to start somewhere.

  22. ,,@Same Asshole Guy your Daddy was Black Bway from Laborie, you are a little Black Prick from Laborie. The White Man ass you kissing so much did not do any better in containing crime in St Lucia something he knows nothing about because he still walks around with a gold spoon sticking out of his blasted rectum. Instead of you advocating for a collective effort by St Lucians to take a bite out of crime you resort to ridicule the PM of this Black Country to a “little Black Boy”. You have become a real St Lucian Rafael Walker/O J Simpson who got so caught up in a White world starting believing he was born as one of them. You need to go somewhere in the States deep south or Germany/Australia/ Ukraine where you will be reminded that you too is still a little Black Bway in their eyes.

  23. We need to do something radical. Start arresting the parents that staying quiet. Punish these boys enablers. Ppl staying too silent here. As long as their child in a gang and they say nothing, they have to take long jail or hang too, depending on the crime. Too many want to raise gangstas and stay quiet and collect.

  24. @just me, that’s a good one. This is just how slp’s think. We will win by any means necessary. Don’t forget it was your slp clowns words. Fool!! They are reason why we have all this bloodshed in st. Lucia. UWP just knew they were incompetent from day one. Y’all were warned but didn’t listen and allowed slp to fool y’all. So take your rubbish and damp it by pip home

  25. Awa.
    1 My condolences to the bereaved families.
    2. Murders God can see your every move.
    3. Shame on my fellow Lucians for posting such filth in the comments. This is not helpful for anyone or the state of affairs.
    4. St Lucia Times needs to establish guidelines for comments and delete all the negative ones.
    5. Keep praying for IYANOLA .🙏🏾

  26. What a load of horse manure you bloviate. Unless you are living under a rock you would have noticed this same Black Boy has allocated more by comparison and within a shorter time frame than any of his predecessors. Did the last administration commit to fixing the South police station? Did they commit to building one in the north? Did they provide the much needed fleet of vehicles? The forensic lab???.. Given the idiocy you peddle it wouldn’t be far fetch to believe you expect the PM to leave his office to micro-manage crime. Damn right! He is NOT a police as his primary role is to legislate and provide resources. It’s up to the RSLPF honchos to do their jobs or get the boot. Time you fools start being objective/realistic. If anything the comment sections under such posts are proof of exactly what led to our current situation. People who can’t see past the political divide. Twilight zone.

  27. I am really taken aback at the lengths that people will go to politicise this ugly incident which occurred today in the town of Soufriere.Two white men were gunned down and you have pillocks coming out of the woodwork to spills their guts out like they always do when the victims are white. No killing is justified and there can be no justification for murder under any circumstances.The killing of another human being should be condemned vigorously and those responsible should be brought to justice.I repeat NO one has a right to take another person’s life unless of course it’s in self defence and even then it has to be justified and proven to be the case.

    I have read many reports over the past year or so where individuals with so much time on their hands are blaming the current regime for the crimewave that is plaguing our beautiful island.Most of the people who are doing so are not concerned about the crimewave- As a matter of fact they seem to be happy as they are able to score political brownie points as a result of this . I have not read one piece where these good-for-nothing people are offering solutions. Not one.Under the previous administration crime proliferated just as much as under this one. These armchair analysts fail to realise that no government can solve the crime epidemic. Not Labout, Not UWP. Both of these parties are bankrupt of ideas when it comes to taking control of the crime scourge that is hitting St Lucia.

    There are lots of crimes that are going unsolved in the country. The dozy St Lucia police force are doing precious little to curtail things and to take back control of the streets. There are not many detectives who are trained and equipped to detain offenders and to bring them to book.The Police force is a laughing stock.They start investigations and then give up half way through. They have no clues or for some strange reasons are unable to find any motive/s which are crucial in solving crimes.I have called for our police to be sent to London and Washington to be trained by the FBI and Scotland Yard respectively. No one is heeding my advice.

    Just a couple of months ago a young man from the Pitons area shot another youngster on the former playing field in Soufriere and did a runner. People saw him and were able to identify him yet the police have refused to arrest him. They know where he is but they have refused to apprehend him. I have been told by a source in London that the alledged killer is residing in the confines of the small pitons and can easily be reached if they police were to put a dragnet in place to snare him. Why aren’t they doing just that? Is this young man well connected within the police force? That is the only reason why I think that he has not been nicked or flushed out.

    The Police in St Lucia are inherently corrupt and I say this with no shame attached to it. Time and time again you have criminals committing crimes and the police refuse to do what it takes to bring them in. They know who the criminals are but will not detain them. To say that they are inept and ineffectual would be a big understatement. Criminals should not be allowed to strike fear into the hearts of our decent citizens. This despicable crime that took place in Soufriere today should not be happening. It will get publicity because the victims are white and British. The unscrupulous British tabloid press will have a field day.

    Not so long ago a white woman was killed in Morne Sion Choiseul and up until this present moment the suspect or suspects have not been arrested and brought to trial. Somebody should know something, someone would have seen something and they should tell what they saw or know. I have heard stories where people have given information to the police about suspects about their criminal activity only for the police to go back to the very people whose names were proffered and put forward and to inform them and not only that — They will reveal to these people the name/s of the informer/s. How unprofessional is that? If this had happened anywhere in the Western world then the policemen/women who acted in such an unprofessional manner would be carpeted and eventually dismissed. St Lucia could do with following suit. You need to weed out the rotten apples.You cannot afford to have these unsavoury characters working in the police force.

    Crime is on the increase everywhere and like I said no politician is able to exterminate it completely. The police have to play their part as well as the average citizen. The detection and conviction rate in St Lucia is very low. The police will have to up their game. How about having many bobbies on the beat? Try inserting CCTV in all the town and city centres and other crime hotspots. The police should be working with the community to combat this deadly scourge that has afflicted and continues to afflict our country.

    St Lucia’s population is not huge and all it takes if for the police to have informers in the communities to inform on the bad guys. Parents and public figures should not be aiding and abetting the proliferation of crimes in the country . A lot of these parents have to accept responsibility for their children’s actions. They hide the kids or the grown men that they have become. That is where a lot of the problem lies. Parents and families refusing to turn over their kids or members of their families over to the police who have committed abhorrent acts.

    Please stop blaming the politicians especially our new Prime Minister. He is not responsible for people’s revolting and reprehensible behaviour. It is down to the individual/s As they say each to his own. No one has a magic wand to crime solving. I remember back in the early 80s when I was visiting Soufriere, there was a Bajan policeman by the name of inspector Harding, Wherever the police arrested someone and brought them to the station to be processed Inspector Harding in his flawless Bajan accent would echo the words “Lock him up”.. Whatever happened to Inspector Harding. St Lucia needs more Inspector Hardings to lock them up.

    Viva St Lucia The land Of My Beautiful Mother.
    Malcolm L’Overture
    Haitian -Lucian
    Luxembourg City- Luxembourg

  28. Just a quick note. I’m a Canadian who has been to Soufriere several times prior to covid. I’ve made many friends there, Lucian and other. We booked our flights and accommodation 2 days ago, very excited to see all our old friends in Soufriere as it’s been way too long. Today we found out what happened, mid day. We actually knew Mr Jackson, one of the victims. We’ve been to the location of the shooting many times. If anyone dare to make this a race issue, shame on you! St Lucia has a crime problem, end of story! Stop pointing fingers and do something about it. We are devastated that we now can’t go see our wonderful friends in Soufriere, whom we love so much, due to the fact that we don’t want to be shot up whilst having a beer one afternoon. There have been many tears and much anger today as we’ve been looking so forward to this trip. Now it will all be cancelled. We love you all so much, the good people of St Lucia. Please fix the not so good people of st Lucia. Your country deserves better

  29. However, you gave no explanation for their comments or the topic yourself. I hope you know that telling them to pray can be a prayer in vain also so let them express their thoughts on our state of affairs in St. Lucia whether negative or positive thats why it is a comment section.
    Just ignore what you don’t like.

  30. This is all over the UK press this morning, tourists will not come, we will all suffer, this government needs to do something. I send my condolences to the friends of family of the poor man that lost his life, so unnecessary and very sad.

  31. Declare war on the drug lords and gangs.. Oh sorry I forgot! the st lucia government is part of it!! the island is screwed!!

  32. What is this Canadian rattling on about? Who said that this is about race? First to begin with I don’t think we St Lucians and by extension fellow Caribbeans should be taking lectures from Canadians. Canada a country that does not have it’s own head of state. You have a king who is your head of state but he does not live in Canada. Who will listen to you or any canadians for that matter? You go on to state that you knew the victims which just goes to show. Do you know any local people in the splendid town of Soufriere. You white people never cease to amaze me with your hypocrisy.

    There were rumours that one of the men was not keen on my people in the town. He could have been a closeted racist for all we know like most Britons. I was born in the UK, I grew up in the UK and I have never seen myself as a Briton. I am a black Caribbean man. I love St Lucia where both of my parents comes from. I love the Caribbean and always will. What is your problem? Who cares if you cancel your trip? You are turning out to be such a blooming hypocrite like most of the other Europeans and people of European descent who pretend that they are our friends but they are NOT.

    Crime is happening anywhere and everywhere. Take a look at your cities like Toronto, Vancouver and Calgary where criminals are on the prowl every minute of the day doing abhorrent things. I have relocated to St Lucia where I am living peacefully. I left Britain where crime were rife and the UK police with their racist attitudes were not able to get a grip. Even a top police officer once admitted that the police in the UK is institutionally racist. Britain on the whole is a racist society against the poor defenseless black people. One of the men shot came all the way from the UK to take up a job that could have been done by any local person in St Lucia. If this is not racist then I don’t know what is. It goes to show that these white people who own the Soufriere estate do not and will not employ black people in their own country and you have the temerity to say otherwise. You whites will always be whites and support each other. A Lot of black people have been murdered in the UK and elsewhere. Get a grip!
    Please go spend your colonial dollar which has the queen of England’s head on it elsewhere. For a huge country of almost 4 million square miles you lot are a laughing stock of the world along with places like Australia and New Zealand. Go get your own head of state and do something about the crimes that is happening in Canada before you lecture us. St Lucia does not need your custom or ‘Queen headed currency’ we have our own and will survive.How can you say you love people and yet you cancel out on them? You are not making any sense. Go away!

  33. Ezekiel 25:17 – “”The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of charity and good will, shepherds the weak through the valley of the darkness. For he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the Lord when I lay my vengeance upon you.” Perhaps it’s time once again for the RSLPF to quietly undertake a program of extra-judicial measures. The last time they (allegedly, teeheehee) did it, the rate of crime was slashed, and the last few left on “the laundry list” fled the island. Other nations such as the U.S. piously denounced the practice, but the fact of the matter is that it’s done in other jusrisdictions, has been done here (“allegdly”, and it works. Bring it back.

  34. @Depitoss, what a load of crap, don’t come here to lie and say that two white men who were shot by a local black man were racist especially when they have bi racial families and been contributing more to a black community than you will ever have. I hope you check yourself when you find out it was a black man from a part of soufriere which always supports the slp. It is not racist for a white person to comment or tell a black person they shouldn’t be carrying out certain illegal activities especially when it’s on the grounds that they are responsible for.

  35. What a load of codswallop! Did I say that they were racist? Boy please read and try to understand what you read. I am going by what I have noticed and been told by people from the lovely town of Soufriere. I know the older geezer as I have seen him around in Soufriere when I have visited the town.You are such a pillock for suggesting that the people living in the area are supporters of the SLP, the party in power.This crime has nothing to do with politics. Absolutely nothing!

    No one knows who the gunman is or where he is from. I read somewhere that the police are looking into the possibility that he might be foreign as this was a sophisticated crime. No one saw the gunman. The police have their work cut out.I am from England and have witnessed and been a victim to British racism. So what if they have kids with Lucian women. That does not stop them from detesting people who look like me. The British have spread their poison all over the world. They are good at hiding it. I abhor any form of criminality and will never support the killing of another human being. Crime has nothing to do with who you support politically. Most of the people who live in the area where the crime was committed are peace-loving people. They are warm and hospitable and have made me to feel welcome whenever I visit there. I have also been to the Pub where this ugly incident took place. The owner is from London and she is a lovely lady. I have seen her in London when I was growing up.

    So please stop spreading bunk and cheap propaganda.Soufriere and St Lucia on the whole is a beautiful place. It has it’s problems like everywhere else on earth. No place is immune from crime. Crime is happening everywhere.You need to stop bleating on and to get real. We are living in the present time and our actions should correspond with the present time. It is people like you who is keeping us back with your nasty pathetic and backward comments.How could black people go forward when you have people like you plugging the white agenda? You fancy your chances as a poster boy for White nationalism. You ought to be ashamed of yourself, You really should. Get a life you dunderhead.

  36. @Depitos, if you only knew how wrong you are, just spreading silly rumors from your armchair in the uk.

  37. The current crime wave had in roots in the 1997 victory of the Kenny’s administration. Do we remember the famous phrase when that criminal activity started taking root. LEAVE MY BOYS ALONE. The rest is history.
    Pierre was very much part of this administration.


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