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Police Seize Illegal Gun, Ammunition & Suspected Cocaine In Vieux Fort


On Wednesday, December 14, 2022, about 4:30 a.m. officers attached to the Vieux Fort Police Station- Beat and Patrol and Criminal Investigations Department, along with the Special Services Unit (South), conducted a joint police operation at Martin Luther King Street, Vieux Fort.

During the operations, several prohibited and suspected stolen items were recovered including, a .45 pistol with a magazine containing three (3) rounds of .45 ammunition, one extended 9mm magazine, a quantity of suspected cocaine, a taser, binoculars, twelve (12) cellular phones, other electronic items and a dangerous weapon to wit a sword.

The officers arrested the following individuals within the residence:

  • Nathan Joseph, a twenty-two (22) year old resident of Belle Vue Hill, Vieux Fort
  • Anyo Stephen, a thirty (30) year old resident of Ciceron, Castries
  • Vercassie Charles, a thirty-seven (37) year old resident of Agard, Castries
  • Peterson Scott, a twenty-nine (29) year old resident of Ciceron, Castries
  • Della President, a twenty-five (25) year old resident of West Hall Group, Vieux Fort

All persons were charged in connection with Unlawful Possession of Firearm and Ammunition, Possession of Controlled Drugs, Possession of Controlled Drugs with Intent to Supply and Possession of a Dangerous Weapon.

On Friday, December 16, 2022, the defendants were escorted to the Second District Court. Anyo Stephen plead guilty in relation to possession of the dangerous weapon and the extended 9mm magazine.

Peterson Scott plead guilty to the charges of possession of the .45 pistol and three rounds of ammunition, possession of suspected Cocaine and possession of a controlled drug with intent to supply. They were both remanded in custody.

The three other defendants were granted bail in the sum of $5000.00 cash or suitable surety on each charge. The matters were all adjourned to January 12, 2023 for further case management.

SOURCE: Royal Saint Lucia Police Force. Headline photo: Stock image of officer participating in a police operation.


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  1. @Ant exactly – the occupation of a criminal is criminal activity and nothing else. $5000 bail is a joke – they should be held until the next court hearing. If you want to curb crime your laws on the books need to be seriously reviewed and changed. .

  2. Anyo Stephen’s 9mm weapon is missing…the extended clip was found. Probably, he was able to conceal the weapon good enough so the cops wouldn’t find it.
    The government must start construction on a temporary separate structure to house gun criminals. We can’t have them socializing with the general population. Nothing good can come from that.

  3. They all are Top Criminals because their Home Addresses are Ciceron and elsewhere .These Magestrates seems does be very Mad against police for arresting and Charging Criminals for illegal Firearms and Ammunition

  4. Oh well, someone snitched it looks like. Sometimes a drug bust is followed by a murder. That’s my only fear but by all means get it off the streets.

  5. POULE FOO; I too agree that Government should construct a separate structure to house criminals involved in gun violence, and those in possession of illegal substance. These are hard core criminals, perhaps have spent their time behind bars, and are back at it again. They should be checked for possible homicide. So the Police know where to look and who to look for? your work have just begone; now spread a couple Bucks around to find out what happened in Soufriere. Godlessness breeds Lawlessness.

  6. A guy from Sarrot was arrested on Wednesday for illegal possession of a Glock firearm and lots of ammo. Wait for it. He was on bail from a previous firearm charge. Wait for it, again. He was given bail one more time.

    What a clown show! The cops are doing their part, why can’t those clowns in government do their part? For goodness sake, stop issuing bail for illegal gun possession. Donkeys leading people.

  7. These city thugs are terrorizing people islandwide. Keep an eye on strangers and their associates in your town. Be prepared for any eventuality!

  8. The two who pleaded guilty should have been sentenced. What is the delay? What strong message is the magistrate sending out? What about the gun law that was passed in parliament? $30 000.00 or 15 years. This supposed to be compulsory.

  9. Let Government believe that doing the same thing will have a different result. Everybody in the house should be charged. I can assure you that 95% of the time, the people living in the house are aware of the criminal activities taking place. Unless Government enact stiffer laws and punishments, nothing will change, well the only change is more murders, more rapes, more break ins, just name it !!


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