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Updated on July 9, 2020 11:52 am

15-Year Old Burglar Caught In the Act: Cutlass, Knife And Mask Found

A teenage burglar was caught in the act Wednesday morning at Yorke Hill, La Clery, Castrie,  after breaking into the house of a former police officer.

A law enforcement official told St Lucia Times that the youth is 15 years old.

Video recordings of the youth in handcuffs have been circulating on social media.

Former cop, Callistus Jn Louis, told St Lucia Times that the youth was handed over to the police.

He said he understands that the young man was later released into the custody of his mother because he is a juvenile.

The former cop told St Lucia Times about 3:30 am he was awakened by loud noises of “panic and crisis”.

“It was the voice of my daughter,” he recalled.

According to the former Counsellor at the Boys Training Centre (BTC), he rushed downstairs to investigate.

Callistus Jn Louis

He said when he entered the bedroom he saw a young man in a struggle with his son in law.

Jn Louis told St Lucia Times that he assisted in restraining the youth and placed handcuffs on him.

“After we did that we observed that my daughter’s phone was missing  and we also observed that there was a cutlass, a mask and a knife in the room which did not belong to the family,” he said, adding that the items must have been brought into the home by the intruder.

“We tried to talk with him – find out what was happening with him and we even prayed for him. I am just saying all of that to make sure that the necessary intervention for this boy and his family takes place,” the ex cop explained.

“It’s a symptom of something bigger – the vulnerabilities, the risk factors that exist in our communities,” Jn Louis said.

He expressed the hope that a Probation Officer would be assigned to the case and the necessary reports would be given to the courts.

Jn Louis expressed concern about the BTC.

“We know that this young man will go to Boys Training Centre and all the reports are showing from Bordelais (Correctional Facility) and other reports that there is a high recidivism rate from Boys Training Centre to Bordelais,” he noted.

Jn Louis said it is an issue that concerns him because it makes no sense sending people to the BTC and they later graduate to Bordelais Correctional Facility.

“Government needs to look into that,” he declared.

According to Jn Louis, the government needs to change its attitude and policy in regard to the BTC and relocate the facility.

He disclosed that all the consultants have expressed the view that the current BTC structure and area cannot work.

“Rehabilitation cannot take place in that environment,” Jn Louis told St Lucia Times.

“I am hoping that in the same way that they found a solution to the Sports Academy with the stroke of a pen – turn a school into what they have there; the same way they have schools that the government can do the same stroke of a pen to transform them into a male and female rehabilitation institution for boys and girls; because we know that the girls do not have a place where they can be housed,” he told St Lucia Times.

Jn Louis explained that he does not feel safer knowing that the youth who entered his home is out.

“Now I need to step up my surveillance and do what it takes to protect myself and my family,” he observed.



  1. Kid or no kid, this crime is very grievous and warrants immediate detention in a juvenile facility. This ex-cop raised some valid issues which everyone should take note of. The government cannot protect you, therefore remain vigilant and protect yourselves.

  2. Cop should break this little nigger’s neck. Sone enough little nigger will be big nigger. then de real problem begin.

    • check this…why can’t you just say what you need to say without the “N” word being used. come on man ” DO BETTER”

      • No, no he’s right, this is indeed a little nigger.. soon to be a big nigger, to cause even greater problems in my Ur society. There really needs to be a contraception campaign in st.lucia. to many animals making children they cant take care of.

  3. That 15-year old may also be a product of our education system.
    Did he exhibit deviant behaviour from primary school and if so were the necessary interventions done? What were his grades at Common Entrance? What secondary school was he assigned to and did he drop out of school or was he expelled from school?

  4. The government has constantly proven that they are struggling to contain the crime situation. One has to start thinking of their own safety and that of their family, especially after feeling violated by someone infringing on your personal space. What can be done with the tools at hand to make a difference between being a victim or a defender. Not sure what the requirements are for legally owning a handgun…This might be the path people take for protection, since relying on the police is questionable at the moment

    • It is very difficult I assure you. You can be the cleanest member of society, having been threatened many times and living near the ghetto and you would likely be denied unless you know the right sort of people.

  5. You cannot stop crime completely without giving up your freedom. Citizen’s have a role to play as well. When they see something suspicious or a man has a gun. After reading comments i thought before st.lucians were for these gansgters and now i see the people are fed up. Why do you treat them like heroes when you see these criminals. I see alot of you more than willing to be their friends. Its not the dam governments job to stop crime in is ours us the people. STOP TURNING A DAM BLIND EYE. ONLY WHEN IT AFFECTS YOU WILL YOU FEEL IT. OR A STRAY BULLET.

  6. Health, Security, Education and Agriculture – above tourism. Think of St Lucia as a household, with Parents, Children and the Help, before you bring guests into your home. In short, St Lucia is in dire need of being “fixed”!

    A lot has been said by the first two commenters, including the victims (the policeman and his family) in the story, which are very valid points. Unfortunately, I have to iterate that the young intruder is also a victim of his surroundings. I hope the young intruder’s mother is of the prayerful genre (I doubt it!) – both her and her son need prayers, and some serious intervention.

  7. And to think that someone will watch you ( who is well fit, highly trained and abled) and tell you “we are not at the threat level (yet) where one should carry arms.” Smh

  8. Most of our households have no rule or regulations. Kids are let to their own selves. His parents should be held accountable. Very often they benefit from stolen goods…they curse those who try to correct them…they have no time for church,,,no time to visit the schools…no time for their children…..

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