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151 More Saint Lucian Nationals Scheduled To Arrive This Weekend

Press Release:– The Government of Saint Lucia will this weekend welcome 151 more nationals through the ongoing repatriation process.  Returning nationals will include cruise ship workers and students from Canada and Barbados.

On May 24th, nineteen (19) nationals will arrive in Saint Lucia via a chartered service from Barbados, which includes seventeen (17) nationals being repatriated from Canada.

Subsequently, fifty-nine (59) persons will arrive aboard Disney Fantasy at Port Castries, and seventy-three (73) nationals will arrive on May 25th though Port Castries via the Royal Vision of the Seas.

The Department of Health and Wellness has granted permission for the arrival and disembarkation processes, following which all carriers will depart Saint Lucia.

The following Health and Safety protocols will be observed:

  • All frontline personnel at ports of entry will facilitate arrivals wearing the necessary PPEs.
  • It is mandatory that all returning nationals arrive wearing face masks.
  • Port Health Authority will spearhead the disembarkation process.
  • Returning nationals will be immediately transported to a government operated quarantine facility where they will be housed for a period of 14 days.
  • Each national will be screened upon arrival and daily while accommodated at a government operated quarantine facility.
  • Nationals will be tested for COVID-19 during the quarantine period, should they present as symptomatic.

Speaking on the ongoing repatriation process, the Minister responsible for External Affairs, the Honorable Sarah Flood-Beaubrun noted that the coordination of these efforts have been a success only because of the full engagement of the team managing the repatriation process.

“I wish to express our gratitude to Canada and High Commissioner Marie Legault, for affording Saint Lucia the opportunity to have our nationals join Barbadians on the flight to that country”, commented the Minister.

The WestJet flight was being dispatched to Barbados to repatriate Canadians still in the region.

The Minister also thanks the Government of Barbados for facilitating the transfer of our nationals, including those at the University of the West Indies who will join the charter, through their borders.

She also thanked her team within the Department and the overseas offices involved in coordinating the process.

The Department and the Government continue to look at ways to facilitate the repatriation of other nationals who wish to return home.

Nationals who are desirous of returning home are reminded to contact the nearest Saint Lucian Embassy and Consulate, along with the office for Diaspora Affairs.



  1. I hope that the Ministry of Health have everything in place to Test all these persons Coming in from that Cruise Ship

  2. But they’re already letting their guards down by opening the airports so soon on june 4th. I hope the government can change their minds

  3. Some lucians don’t know what the hell they want don’t bring them you all complaining.Bring them is a another problem my God.Awa lucians it’s getting bad prepare for the hurricane season 🙏🙏🇱🇨🇱🇨

  4. Same thing all over the Caribbean. People are hard and difficult to please.

    Bring in the sailors today next day lock them out.

    Palm Sunday they praise Jesus to the highest. Following Sunday same people said crucify him.
    So if Jesus was perfect and that’s what they did.
    What do we expect they will do and say to us.

  5. Im proud of our st Lucian government for managing covid-19. Not even the big countries can do that. Our people deserve respect for following protocols and keeping our cases down. THANKS to the government for bringing my 2 brothers back home from the ship.

    • The governments hands are tried, they have no choice but to accept their citizens. They are only facilitators in this process. They are not the main organizers of this process…. it’s almost forced repatriation. No other country wants them on their shores, so the government is being forced to take them back. The cost to the government comes when they set foot on our soil. This cost might be minimal since they are getting grants to help with this.

  6. I have a few questions….while these individual are in quarantine for the 14 days (PUIs)..does St. Lucia have the capability to conduct their own testing? Are these test sent abroad/elsewhere?

    What protocols are in place in your quarantine facility ..God forbid one of your visitors are positive that then puts the entire quarantine facility personnel at risk if proper protocols are not in place.

  7. Thanks God for st.Lucian n the government for managing covid 19, well done but my worries now, is government are now letting down their guard by opening the boarder june 4th. We are feeling safe right now but soon it will be no longer the same. God help us, put some spiritual wisdom in the minds of the leaders please

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