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Andy Daniel Quits As UWP Chairman ‘With Immediate Effect’

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On Thursday, 2nd February 2023, Chairman of the United Workers Party (UWP), Mr. Andy Daniel, tendered his resignation to the National Executive of The Party, with immediate effect.

Mrs. Fortuna Belrose continues in the post of First Deputy Chairperson and will preside over official meetings of The Party and will act as the Senior Officer in charge of administrative coordination.

The United Workers Party takes this opportunity to thank Mr. Daniel for his service to The Party and wishes him success in all his future endeavours.

SOURCE: United Workers Party

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  1. There is a poison in the UWP : I will not speculate on the probable source but whatever it is, must be eliminated in order for D party to move forward.

  2. Wow …how can these guys in high positions keep back stabbing each other for what ? money? how can you’ll ever be trusted? Lucian open you’ll eyes unbelievable carry on smartly Mr Daniel what goes around comes around…….

  3. Not a great loss. While his loyalty has been unquestionable, his contribution was lacking in many aspects except when he held the position of house speaker. It is time that those lacking in creativity make way for modern thinkers. These old folks are stuck in mental waste, unable to break the chasm placed upon themselves. There is nothing knew in their logic. The party needs to reform itself by first appointing key positions to persons with capacity and not longstanding registered supporters. Its time to move past relying solely on voters from the farming communities and embrace individuals from more economically viable industries. This is no easy task i know !

  4. @Solutions_Oriented

    “Its time to move past relying solely on voters from the farming communities and embrace individuals from more economically viable industries.” – What exactly are you trying to say here?!?

    You appoint people to positions not positions to people

  5. They all will fall appart. You support coruption like the leader so will you remain. Good bro do not stay in this mess. Leave it for Miss Doctrine. Nice to see the country is getting back to its level minimal coruption.

    United Pac. Arewa…

  6. This is just as good as it can get. The party is in the process of rebuilding and that comes with fresh ideas. No one should stay in one position forever. Mr. Daniel’s resignation came at the right time. He has served and delivered. Now is the time for fresh ideas. He could not bring fresh ideas. One cannot teach old dogs new tricks. We need a group of fresh men and women with fresh ideas. If Compton were to come back and find the same old party then that would be a problem.

    I cannot wait for the new group of executives with fresh ideas

  7. Lol… Obviously he realized he wouldn’t win his battle against Chastanet so this is his only option.

  8. OH – never a dull moment in the life of this PANDORA’S BOX of this ROCK.
    A comparative must be made with the two political Parties; achievements and results. They’ve both been around long enough to make this judgement, some would like things to remain just as is with no change, and if we decide to change – the heavens will fall down – when Chas was elected Chairman of his Party, King bolted most unceremoniously which raises the question, ‘must one have any legitimate claim at the Helm’? Ideas must be renewed with the times. Should we be stuck with the ‘Type Righter’ rather than the ‘Key Board’? the King syndrome is in both Parties sadly, will be with us if we don’t change; to allow the same mindset to govern without thinking will always end up with with disasters. Consider the recent scam job by an unknown ‘Global Port Holdings’ coming in and departing with a Signed Contract by the P.M. and other pathetic members of the Cabinet to sell out our two best Harhours for Pea Nuts. Who gave them the authority to do such a thing? In any organization, the lot would be fired.
    I pray the Lord God give them Spiritual wisdom and discernment in deciding on such matters, rather than to tie up St. Lucia for the next fourty plus years. Amen.


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