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WATCH: ‘No Referendum, No CCJ’ – UWP Stages Protest On Sidelines Of Zonal Conference

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Placard-waving supporters of the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) protested in Choiseul on Sunday, calling for a referendum on Saint Lucia’s move to make the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) the country’s final appellate court.

The protest, which also called attention to other issues, occurred on the sidelines of the UWP Zonal conference, which former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee described as ‘well-attended’ by the Southern constituencies.

The UWP held its Northern Zonal Conference last week.

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According to Fedee, at the Choiseul gathering on Sunday, there was ‘high energy support’ for Allen Chastanet as the political leader in the buildup to the Conference of Delegates and the National Convention.

“I think that for a lot of people, this is really the first time where such a large number of constituencies came together since the general elections. There was a lot of high energy and good camaraderie,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP told St Lucia Times.

“The support was just tremendous,” he declared.

Regarding the protest favouring a CCJ referendum, Fedee reiterated the UWP’s position that there has been insufficient consultation.

“We have been on the record saying that even if the constitution does not require a referendum, this is such an important constitutional reform matter that the government ought to give every citizen a chance to be able to have a say,” he recalled.

Last week, UWP leader Allen Chastanet declared that on Tuesday, the Government of Saint Lucia would head to parliament to amend the constitution, allowing the CCJ to replace the Privy Council as this country’s final court of appeal.

“Call or message your MP, tell them NO Referendum, NO CCJ!,” the former Prime Minister wrote on Facebook.

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  1. Apparently in the warped and twisted minds of labour party supporters, Chastenet is a colonialist because he is demanding that ALL the people have a say in a referendum however PJP is putting people by denying them a right to a referendum in his quest to please a senior statesman in his party and give his friend a job.

  2. Choiseul people sorry to tell all of you, but we need CCJ, Privy Council is of no use to us. Anse La Raye folks don’t want to see Fedee at all. So, don’t be fooled by Fedee we want no rejected politician. We want CCJ.

  3. It is time that all the people are consulted. 15 people should not decide for 180,000 people on such a momentous decision. Especially when there are so many rumors of drug dealing, murder, passport sales and tax evasion surrounding these people. Why is the SLP so determined to stop democracy and freedom. It is a sad day when the peoples’ collective voice is crushed and then the SLP tries to fool everyone for their own nefarious reasons.

  4. There there there ….got nothing to do of course not ….you fools need to read a book. So let me get this straight, we are protesting something that the British Taxes Payers are tired of funding ??? We are not the ones funding the Privey Council , we have NEVER FUNDED The Privey Council and we want to manage their pockets because “we are incapable” of doing this on our own?? SAD SAD SAD.. The Privey Council are for those who “CAN AFFORD” to go there for the appeal process it’s out of the reach of the average St Lucian that’s protesting and it’s only for THE ALLEN CHASTANET’S of the world . This man just amazes me on how he could lead a people to a delusional obis. No Caribbean country that are member of The CCJ behaved like this WHAT’S
    ST LUCIA’S PROBLEM ?? (Some of them).

  5. Lucian whatever your name is, how many Caribbean countries have the CCJ as they final appellate court. Do your research before trying to contaminate us with your Red Eye disease.

  6. Re Article.. Right church wrong pew..
    He should demonstrate AT the hotel’s to share the wealth by paying a fair living wage system to help the country? We need employments and no useless Babbling.. Demonstrate at the hotel’s to share the wealth.
    Create work for people to earn a living wage of$10 per hour based on 40 hrs weekly..
    Create jobs by sharing the wealth.
    I endorse my thoughts.
    Happy Tuesday to The uwp.. and the followers.
    Choose Commonsense and never politicians..
    They are for them selves only and screw everyone else..
    I endorse my thoughts..
    Happy Tuesday to everyone..


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