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WATCH: Fedee Says Saint Lucia House Of Assembly Is ‘A National Farce’


Following a walkout of parliament on Tuesday by opposition leader Allen Chastanet, former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee has declared that the House has become a ‘national farce.’

“It is time that this farce comes to an end,” the former Anse La Raye-Canaries MP told a news conference on Thursday.

Fedee decried what he described as shamefulness in ‘the people’s house.’

And he took House Speaker Claudius Francis to task, questioning his fairness in the exchanges in the parliament that preceded Allen Chastanet’s decision to walk out.

Fedee also reiterated the opposition United Workers Party (UWP) position that a national referendum was a moral imperative for citizens to choose whether Saint Lucia should make the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) its final appellate court.

The Saint Lucia Parliament on Tuesday night gave the green light for the island to have the Trinidad-based CCJ as its final and highest court, replacing the London-based Privy Council.

All 13 government legislators in the 17-seat parliament who were present supported the motion.

Former Tourism Minister Dominic Fedee told Thursday’s news conference that the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) administration chose not to have a CCJ referendum because it knew that there was insufficient consultation.

Fedee said the UWP was not opposed to the CCJ.

“It is the right and natural thing to do, but do it right,” he declared.

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  1. Dominic, we are tired of your double standard. During the 5+ years, UWP was in power, who was the deputy speaker again? Did you ever say anything? Listen we don’t want to hear a word from you. Sorry to say but don’t rally at Mondor, believing that we will support you again.

  2. @ john cepal but when he was in power didnt he help you? for instance helping fix that deplorable morne dor to vanard road?

  3. These men are trying their darndest to garner support on an issue but AWA. None of their fishing expeditions “eh caching nuffing”. They had the innocent or even gullible people, in toe, on a march that they knew was pointless. The pulse of the nation is for this “fair Helen” to break loose of the imperialistic Privy Counsel. Bravo to the honourable PM for finally having the fortitude to break the shackles.

  4. Mr. Fedee your a typical example of a failed politician. You and Allen destroyed our radio station. Do you remember? What did you say at the time? I guess you don’t remember!
    So now you want to destroy another of our National pillars by indicating it is a farce. So tell me Mr. Fedee… what are your intentions? seems to me you and your cronies are just stirring up a storm in a tea cup! If you care so much about the people you proport to care about, there are many many pertinent issues you can clarion about. So put your money where your mouth is or SHUT UP!

  5. There was no referendum for independence and there should not be one for CCJ. We don’t need to continue depending on our colonial masters in our judicial system. Caribbean people need to be over their system of justice. Fedee is taking a very backward position in order to advance UWP political agenda.

  6. Don’t usually agree with Fedee but Aborzor is correct. I thought Lazy Spider, Sticky hands Gail and Guy were flawed but these clowns take it to another level. The UWPs are like angels compared to this cesspit cabal of arrogance, misdirection and lies. The SLPs are thugs and their followers are obviously buffoons. A referendum gives every single voter a chance to express their opinions. It cannot be by its nature colonialist or imperialistic. When a bunch of people say only their opinion matters and they are willing to change the constitution to make sure that only their view is heard that is imperialistic and non-democratic. A referendum is the highest form of freedom and democracy. To hear Kristopher Punt and Jules ridiculing a woman because she could not pronounce referendum properly says it all. SLP people believe that they are entitled intellectuals that know more than everybody. To allow uneducated or poor black people to vote in a referendum is unpalatable to them. Each of these intellectuals including John Peters, David Vitalis, Peter Alexander, Aaron Alexander and Christopher Hunte should pick up a copy of Animal Farm by George Orwell. They are well represented in it. I do not believe my future and the future of my grandchildren should be dictated by, trust and honor debatable, RF, SK and WG of crossing floor, freedom bay and visa revocation fame. They should be making decisions for the nation. Please don’t BS the populace about how politicians have done the right thing for St. Lucia since independence. They have failed us over and over again. Bobol after bobol. Direct awards of questionable value on both sides. Poor planning…poor execution. Nepotism that favours incompetents over experienced and educated citizens I worked for 3 years in Cayman and know what freedom and prosperity is and yet they are still under the UK.

  7. @My opinion. Are you suggesting that there is no corruption in Cayman? Are you insinuating that the Caymanis do not want the shackes broken from the UK? Well, you are just as foolish as the cocolorum.

  8. @My opinion, dont think for one minute that I don’t have you pegged for who you are. A UWP through and through. You statement proves that.

  9. It has always been my opinion, why St. Lucia followed like sheep for independence. I think [If I did, I’ll be king & I’ll be knighted and called ‘SIR’ & father of the nation]
    If I didn’t the other smaller Nations will laugh at us. Wait – look at the smarter ones – look at Martinique & Guadalupe – see how much more prosperous they are of us; We 180, 000 could be co-partners carrying U.K. Passports, with freedom to go & come as we pleased. But destiny have us instead heading full speed toward ‘Haitian type governance’. Take a look at what’s happening in St. Lucia today. the Judiciary is a mess, crime management is a mess, Law enforcement a mess, your agriculture and enthusiasm to plant-eat rather than import-pay higher prices are the features that parliament should focusing on, instead we have appointed a diehard labourite as speaker, to carryout silly and old fashion vendetta against ‘one man’ the leader of the opposite party. The scandalous, childish and shameless behavior displayed for the World to witness is unforgiven. I think for the good of St. Lucia, we should have a better travelled, elegant, preferably ‘ A Lady ‘ Speaker of the House, give him a job some where else; free us of this twiddle- dum-twiddle-dee stupidity. It should never be (St. Lucia the same yesterday, today and tomorrow) we deserve better and yes, we can do better; May St. Lucia be Blessed, Lord, thanx Lord.

  10. Most of the comments are based on partisan politics. Be honest now. Most of you people who are presently in favour of the government’s decision would have opposed it if UWP were in power.

    For me, I’m still undecided. But for a decision of this monumental magnitude, a referendum should have been done. This decision has far reaching consequences. The voice of the people is the voice of God. The ordinary people that make up most of the population are more important than the people in power.

    In all fairness, much more time was needed to educate the electorate and the wider community about this colossal change.

  11. This one takes the cake. A statement boldly made by Carlton Augustin on Facebook, “The call for a referendun is an attempt to thwart the will of the people.” So a referendum asking 180,000 for their opinion is thwarting the will of the people. Lord that is hilarious. Does Carlton Augustin think people are stupid. What on earth did these neo-communist tin-pot dictators drink to make them so foolish. Why is the SLP so afraid to hear the opinion of the masses.


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