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A Disaster Waiting To Happen’


Housing Minister Richard Frederick has expressed concern for the safety of CDC apartment residents, asserting that the conditions under which they live represent a disaster waiting to happen.

” We have a report that indicates that the buildings are structurally unsound. It doesn’t have to take a rocket scientist to tell you that. Visually one can see that, basically this is a disaster waiting to happen,” the Castries Central MP told reporters.

Richard Frederick being interviewed by reporters.

Frederick said some time ago, a window came loose from its rotten casing in Block X and fell twenty feet to the ground, but no one was in harm’s way.

And the Minister said about two weeks ago, a falling balcony had to be fixed.

He spoke on Tuesday amid reports that tenants of blocks U, V,W, X, Y and Z had expressed concern at a meeting the previous day at which a National Housing Corporation (NHC) official disclosed that the apartment buildings were structurally unsound and would have to be demolished.

One resident who has lived there for nine years, said the insufficient three-month notice was a shock.

She and others acknowledged to reporters that the apartments were unsafe.

But asserting they would receive $2,500 in relocation assistance, the tenants declared that the government should do more to assist with alternative accommodations.

“It is not a situation where I want anybody to leave. We are not prepared as a government to interfere with the comfort of any of the residents of the CDC. However, that has to be balanced with the safety of the occupants,” Housing Minister Richard Frederick explained.

He told reporters that he would have discussions with the residents.

“A balance needs to be struck. They can no longer remain there, but the government will have to invoke its social consciousness to do whatever it can to ensure that those people live under better conditions and in a situation that does not put them in harm’s way,” the Castries Central MP stated.

He recalled that the CDC apartments, built in 1948, were meant to be temporary accommodations.

And the Minister emphasised that under his watch and with the current Saint Lucia Labour Party administration, the CDC tenants would not be treated unfairly.

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  1. For all the years you all lived there under the previous administration, what was done. This is so sad to see. All the FFFs benefitted and what for the everyday man, so sad.

  2. This is a sad situation, because even the last administration was looking into this as well. These were the only buildings left unpainted in the national colours as a result. Some of these much older buildings begun cracking 30 years ago. I just don’t think this is enough money for some of these ppl to move per household. Especially today.

  3. This is a hoax; it was slated in your skull to demolish the CDC a long time now. We all know you want to leave your footprint but at what cost to this nation. The late Sir John Campton had presented a re-model of Castries back in 2007 you were in that very department at the time as well. Tragically it couldn’t come to fruition because of the cockroaches that were in the party at the time. If the CDC needed to be redesign let it be so, don’t bring your BS to public domain to support your selfish idea. Those CDC withstand how many Earthquakes and Hurricanes/Floods Eh! It is an eye sore for a city and also exposed those numbskulls who sells tourism at premium cost having those buccaneers on display. It is a remnant reminder to tourist showing that we are all descendant of slavery with very little hope.

  4. Some of the tenants might truly need help but others or most don’t. You asking to stay in a place for a year?! The building will fall at anytime. The building crumbling around you’ll and no effort is made to leave and find a more adequate dwelling. Now tax payers must fund you’ll exodus.

  5. Honestly it seems like these buildings need some restructuring in some beams that can be rectified with cement also resurface most of these exposed steel, the balconies remove them if that’s the case… But for Gods Sakes Where are all those people and families supposed to go? ……u,w,x,hand z how many people are we talking about? 400? 500?… ? There is no where to go no rents are cheap…..What about the old hotel behind BTC, for temporary relocation, or any old schools , relocate the people there….just like u want to do too BTC….. You need to give these people a place to go bc 2,500$ ain’t cuttin it’ Thanks for the Cap HWY Please refocus on areas in front Lucelec the road is raw!…Also I believe the new speed bumps by the Hilton are too big, people will be air lifted and u know already about terrible accidents btw there and end of marina.

  6. Newsflash! The CDC buildings are about to collapse. I guess nobody saw that coming. If I lived in those buildings, I would have fled years ago. There are structural clues everywhere… just pick a spot. The one opposite the market is the scariest. It sits in an area prone to floods. The hidden undermining fills me with dread. I don’t even walk near that building.

    The residents need to get out of Dodge fast…pronto. I don’t think they know or care about the dangers that exist. They and their loved ones need to get out and quibble about the money later. Sleep by a family for the time being and spend less time in those buildings. Leave while you are ahead in the game. Anyone who has lived in an inner city knows that look.

  7. The residents have pretty much been living on welfare all their lives and up to this deplorable point, they are depending on government to do everything for them even those who can easily afford to do for themselves. In SLU, you have to be partisan to receive government assistance. When will it end ?

  8. A blind man can see the deplorable conditions in the CDC which honestly did not happen overnight. Some folk would rather risk their lives than vacate the premises. Where there is a will they is a way – if this were a civil society – trust me the buildings would have been labelled and tagged for demolishing and unsafe for the inhabitants to reside. Honeslty, I have never seen anything like this. It’s actually serious — it’s a deadly accident waiting to happen and it is horrific to look upon. Tenants/passerbys are in grave danger. St. Lucians need to be proactive – people you all are in harms way for real. Leave the CDC stat.

  9. Both of the political parties have failed the people . They are only there for themselves

  10. Ironically the St. Judes building was built when???? What year???? ….and is it still physically accommodating to a modern hospital?

  11. Sure these buildings need to go. Now tell us about the kickbacks the politicians will get for developing that site. BTW y’all voted that guy in. Remember when y’all were in the motorcades with your red and blue shirts and dancing up a storm. I do. Chickens coming home to roost folks. There is a reason why other politicians don’t want to serve in the house with that guy. And it isn’t an ego issue.

  12. “Simon Says”
    The decision is “Unanimous”, the buildings have outlived their lives. However we all seem to forget the very same was said about the residents of the La Clery CDCs. The past movie entitled, La Clery CDC Must Go, Staring Residents SLU, had quite a number of Seasons ( SE1….to…) where in the end the residents stars were injured and had to leave with a small capital to fend for themselves in the form of Food, Shelter and Clothing. Mr. Minister I must commend you on bringing out the facts on the above mentioned subject, however your truth would be further enhanced by providing a solution which is what everyone wants to hear and be comforted. It is heart breaking when one hear politicians who are elected to represent and work for St Lucian bring out the negatives and no positives (being general). Let me bring out a solution you proposed sometime ago where you suggested that you build new apartments blocks and have these very same residents to pay till they owned them. Same as the NIC / NIPRO, ” BOLT PROJECTS”, ( BOLT – BUILD…OWN…LEASE…..TRANSFER….). That very same process is used in Trinidad & Tobago and I was very impressed and fortunate to stay in the La Horquetta Housing Project many years ago. We are in 2023 and it is a shame that is is still difficult to own a home or piece of land in SLU. It is high time that any government seated on the throne, focus on creating opportunities for St Lucians to own a home and something to leave for their children. Further ideas can be, review our sister islands housing templates, payment methods and covenants to name a few. I am sure that such ideas would motivate people, and probably address the rent issues faced. After all Mr. Minister you were the one who came out with the rent waiver which quite a bit of people benefited. Thank you for that! Despite what people say I tend look at the positives and as a resident of Central Castries I am always of the opinion that you truly represent the people of Central Castries just like the only other Sir George Mallet ( my opinion).In concluding Mr. Minister I cannot tell you what to do but I really want you to know that I am using your own ideas against you in a positive way.

    Sincerely Simon Says.

  13. @Prober … you hit the nail square on the head!!
    To all the other commenters on this issue … you are all so right with your observations. The whole demolishing of the CDC buildings (not built to last – they were temporary) has become a “political pawn” for the “enablers”. I shake my head in amazement (at the political football) – and disappointment (for the poor tenants who voted for the Castries Central MP). To take the words from his own mouth – “It is a disaster waiting to happen” for EVERYBODY!!

  14. @Prober @Lab…So demolishing the CDC is a bad thing? It’s and old building and the minister gave reasons why it needs to be demolished…SOOOO What’s the problem?

    You guys always coming with some BS political talk that not making any sense. And if the building collapse and people lose their lives. What will you say then? Some of you just too bright for your own stupidity.

  15. No government is responsible to house anyone, they supposed to go out find investors which will invest in the country and create jobs for the people to work and buy their homes and pay their rent. Politicians make empty promises and lots of noise and some illiterates believe them. When the shit hits the fan, they run and hide like little girls no longer the big bad wolf who was huffing and puffing and blowing the houses down,


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