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I Will Not Be Silenced’ – Chastanet Files Case Against House Speaker & Attorney General


On Tuesday, opposition leader Allen Chastanet announced he had officially filed a case in the High Court against the Speaker of the House of Assembly and the Attorney General.

“I will not be silenced,” Chastanet, who filed the case personally and as Micoud South MP, declared on Facebook.

“Today, I took a crucial step in upholding justice and protecting our constitutional rights,” he stated.

Chastanet explained that his legal action is in response to the ‘multiple breaches’ of his constitutional rights.

He said they included unlawful detention and attempts to prevent him from attending future sessions of Parliament.

“I firmly believe in the importance of transparency, accountability, and the preservation of our democratic values. This fight is not just for me but for the democratic principles and values that we all hold dear. I will not rest until justice is served,” the former Prime Minister asserted.

Chastanet’s claim lists the Speaker of the House as the first and the Attorney General as the second defendant.

Chastanet is seeking an injunction against the Speaker from excluding him from attending any sitting of the house or entering its precincts.

He also seeks, among other things, damages for breach of his constitutional rights and wrongful arrest or detention.

The Saint Lucia House of Assembly recently voted to suspend Chastanet for failing to apologise for and retract a statement alleging government corruption.

Before the vote, as Chastanet was preparing to leave, House Speaker Claudius Francis Francis told him he should not before there was a ruling.

“Member, you shall not leave yet,” the Speaker stated.

“Officer, he shall not leave. Officer, he shall not leave,” Francis said to the police on duty as Chastanet exited the house, followed by two female officers.

The Micoud South MP returned to the chamber a short time later with the officers behind him and took his seat.

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  1. You chastanet think you can walk over our laws and rules. This is not the cotton field. Get out of our politics you do not belong here bag of …..

  2. Woman shut the he’ll up with that crap. You sound so dumb and it’s because of people like the country is in such a state and a government full of corruption. How did Chastanet walk over laws and rules? How many times did the SLP when in opposition make statements that they refused to withdraw? How many times did they walk out of parliament? And now you coming and talk shit because you think it’s convenient to your dumb ass party. And what makes you think he doesn’t belong? Y’all people let PJP manipulate y’all by making y’all hate the man because of a skin color. Then tomorrow you will talk about loving God. How do you love me which you have not seen but hate your fellow brother that you see everyday? God will deal with y”all.

  3. How is God you putting in your nonsense?
    Give one example of any SLP member not withdrawing a statement when asked.
    There was no problem with him leaving but nit before the ruling.
    Chastenet for years operated without a Deputy Speaker no big deal but you want to diss someone for him?
    Take a hike!

  4. His arrogance is in full display. The remaining 57% will not be walked over. Born rich like trump and behaves exactly the same way .

  5. Those who continue supporting the behavior of the LOO will soon become his victims. The red flags are flying bright in the yellow party.

  6. lol lol the politicians have the people just where they need them. at each other’s throats. the game is being played well. it’s so sad that people are so deceived that they cannot see beyond that

  7. Chas, I am with you on that. The speaker of the house should be neutral when doing business in the house regardless of his affiliation with SLP. You should let no one silence you on that matter – the courts will decide. This is not for the public to decide. PJP has taken us a few steps backward since he formed the government. He has played with the minds of many and I am not surprise your approach is not popular. Too many lucians would rather receive a fish every day than to go out there and fish on their own. All those handouts PJP is giving – these are not progress. All these “STEP PROGRAMS” – it is a political way of making the people depend on the government – political approach.

    Chas you have my full support in the house – we want the law to be applied accordingly. I am watching

  8. alot of yall in here are F ing party color blind. This has nothing to do about politics as much. The house is the house of the people and we on the outside are the people if you silence us how can we talk? how can we get our views across? if there is nobody to talk for the people how will our voices be heard. Thats what some of you dont get.

    This could have been done to any party, Not because its chastanet yall have to think he wants to do what he wants, No this is not the case. There are only two seats in the opposition so imagine if both of them are out the mess these guys are going to do in the house because its the majority of them inside there and its pretty much all against one.

    if yall understood what it means to be upholding justice and protecting your constitutional right half of you would not be talking the crap yall saying there. Stop thinking inside of the box

  9. Vanchien you want a bone? A jackass you are. That’s why you cannot understand what I mean. Aye shiay tan

  10. Mr. Chastanet it’s not that anyone wants to silence you. It is just that , you as a leader should lead by example. Stop the untruths, learn to apologize, stop been vindictive. If you can do that you will be a good leader and we will follow you. Stop mingling with corrupt groups.

  11. One not different than the other a whole bunch of useless high school girls that call them self men shame on all of you what a waste of the people time that voted

  12. Both Vanguard and Useless Bosslady Should take a long hike! If Chas eh belong here then you both Don’t!! Batiz alone pou politiks yall talking.
    Chas believes he has given evidence so therefore he will Not withdraw or say Sorry he e said! Time for this so called speaker to take a long hike!! No manners whatsoever! He is a Disgrace to us home and the diaspora
    Yall must see Chas par pere. Bravo Mp Chas, was time.

  13. Makes no difference what’s done is done already even if it’s overturned and he is compensated (for what) he is still on the list of another yellow clown that has endured humility and he has earned his place in The Saint Lucia Worthless Public Officials Encyclopedia editions nine and ten.

  14. @#bosslady
    How would you feel if people say to you…you don’t belong.. right now you might be collecting your paycheck from the people you said that don’t belong
    Stop talking nonsense

  15. It’s because of dumb people like you boss lady and vanguard that St Lucia is in the state that it is. How many time your labor cabal walked out of the house and went as far as shouting renegade, and you all have the gull to be talking about crap. How hypocrite, how deck deck of you all. Tell you incompetent cabals to concentrate on running the country which inevitably they can’t instead of trying to silence a duly elected member of parliament who’s holding the corrupt bunch of people responsible for their misdeeds. I hope Chas seeks for millions in damages and donate it to non profits to send a strong message that your cabal can’t trample on the constitution simply to satisfy their obsession with Chas supported by you uncivilized, low iq malaways as they call you all.

  16. How many times have the slp walked out when they were in opposition. Everyday I get more disappointed over that slp party that I supported. Claudius needs to take a chill pill and if he cannot execute his job without biasness then he should not be put in this position. I heard slp talk about doing things differently when in office and not doing the same thing uwp used to do but truth be told that is not the case. I expected change in all levels but no. In the constituencies is their friends and slp who put their money in their campaign are given the contracts. No. Uwp.s nor the lower class of the slp. Only step for those slp. I honestly thought changes would come about with that group of slp and having. Women no onboard but disappointedly no change. The women are all about fattening their bank accounts and building mansions. I guess they already know their fate hence why. Anytime god is not involve in planning it will never go right and that goes for both party. Do unto others what you would like done to you. When you all were in opposition you all did not like what uwp was doing to you all nor you all are in opposition learn to developers a god like attitude but if you all are treating those of us who were there with you all during campaign and the tough struggle this way who are they that you all will treat any better. I say thumbs up to Hon Hillaire to hearing me say be the bigger person. I also say to hon Chastane to be the bigger person especially with those trying to intemidate him and wants to cause chaos. I say to you sometimes give them your biggest smile, keep your anger and frustration in and let them proceed. When they realize that they cannot break you like they want regardless of what they are trying to do believe you will see a change. Since they cannot do it hon chastene help us bting about the change we need to see in Stlucia in terms of attitude both in and out of the house. Seek god in prayer to do it. It involves sacrifices but with prayer and god you will succeed. Peace and love

  17. Some of you should be ashamed to even hit that key stroke to say pure marjee. You think in any civilised country any government can be behaving this way? SLP is well known for violating the rights of people while in office. I fully back Chastanet in his approach to the SLP. They should start obeying the laws of the land and stop playing their dirty tricks! If CCJ have any clout, these fellas will be found guilty and should do a spell in Bordelais for their unlawful acts or made personally liable for their behaviour! They should be made to pay personal money to people not government money for their dirty deeds! It is time someone teach all of them in that party a solid lesson. There are cases against some of these old SLP party fellas in there that have not even seen the light of day. Those who know, know! Tanto! Tanto!! Victimisation and harrassment have a price and SLP should be made to pay it!

  18. I was waiting to see all the pro SLP comments while SLT withhold comments criticising them. Don’t call yourself a news site but a propaganda machine. Respect free speech!

  19. ###St lucia times
    Why are you hijacking you have to post people’s comment’s you shouldn’t pick and choose what to post we’re not threatening people on this platform we not terrorists we just saying how we feel when you put-out the news…..

  20. Mweh Mem, shut the hell up. You’ll just saw what you’ll want. SLP you want to criticise for misbehaviour in parliament? Awa wee

  21. How can anyone with a brain condone Chastanet’s behaviour? I am truly baffled. Party Politics that have people so blind. Lord put a hand

  22. Actually I do not want Chastenet to be silenced,because everytime he speaks he makes a fool of himself.
    The issue is not the walkout get it right. The Speaker rules and you accept the ruling whether you are pleased or not. I have never seen any other MP not withdraw a statement when asked too.
    Another thing, if my memory serves me when KDA shouted renegades it was not directed at the Speaker who is in charge of the House.
    MP’s walkout all the time. No one has ever done so while the Speaker is ruling. Does Chastenet have special privileges? Is it his House?
    Of course he may choose not to remain but there are sanctions.
    As for “meme” stop being sanctimonious. Politicians have ppl fighting? Just be honest and tell the others they are wrong.
    My only argument is there is nothing about walking out….Chastenet could not prove his point he was asked to withdraw….a ruling is being effected he walks out? So damn disrespectful!
    As to you hacks such as 758 etc etc in the words of Chastenet ” I feel sorry for you”

  23. Unfortunately the SLP might have a lot of influence with the CCJ and maybe an “intimate” relationship. If so we can see the cards falling into place. Arrogant thugs, bullies that always think they are superior in intellect. We are lining up with communist or one party thinking. The hacks shout hallelujah even as their rights are stripped from them. In their dire stupidity they celebrate when a democratic referendum is denied them. Now we understand the attitudes in North Korea, China and Russia where citizens protect and worship oppressive governments that trample on their rights. Suddenly a young woman living in Dominica with $2.7 million dollars cash can be held up as a “maleway”, suddenly no opposition is a good thing, suddenly a born St.Lucian cannot be a citizen because they are white or Indian. Victimization is rife even to the extent of banishing their own supporters that don’t their dominance doctrine. Customs Controllers can be bullied by Union heads after just a phone call from their political friends. St. Lucia is falling.

  24. You UWPs are foolish. We are controlling the money in the Treasury, we can bring in the best Astaphane and destroys Chas nonsense case. We can bankrupt Chas and his people. Even if you manage to get a judgement in favor with Chas, we can make the CCJ take it out because they know about us and our greats like KDA. We can change the constitution to stop you all majee. You think its white people in the Privy Council that there doing nonsense not understanding the truth with the UWP right where they are. RF is met zot.

  25. Every time I read some of these comments it just keeps on reminding me of these words:

    unschooled, benighted, empty-headed, ignoramus, know-nothing, lowbrow, uncultivated, uncultured, uninstructed, unlearned, unlettered, unread, unrefined, untaught, untutored

    Despite of out political affiliation I wish sometimes we could use a better judgment went making comments about some people even if we disagree with them or not.

  26. Tsp SLP just admitted they would be influencing the CCJ because they control the treasury. TRY IT. we will be giving a referendum to go back to the privy council plus enacting laws that can’t change it except by referendum! As we should have! DREAM ON !

  27. @ SLP IS BOSS: Now I see who is influencing you and the other.
    You wrote – ” RF is met zot.” – since this is the limit of your intelligence, I feel
    sorry for you. Someone at the top made a silly mistake, now they must pay bigtime.

  28. This is getting ridiculous. SLT just keep hijacking my comments. I responded to Vanguard and gave him factual information why Speaker Almighty could not have detained Chas and that comment was hijacked. Maybe you are controlled by the SLP machinery and your goal is not to publish factual information but rather let the Low-grade and Vanguard continue to spread hate. Just to let you know Chas lawyers would not have gone ahead with the case if there was no merit. Tax payers brace yourself for some more hundred thousands of our money being paid in damages and legal fees.

  29. Chas “hole you rA55”. Including your acolytes in this forum. No one tried to silence you. You were given all the time in the world to make your case . . . You didn’t. All you did was to throw out allegations which you couldn’t prove. Your allegations were debunked and then you were asked to withdraw the allegation. . . Which you didn’t. You were arrogant and contemptuous and so, the speaker did what the speaker had to do. If you are dissatisfied, then xhallenge it in court. But stop saying people tried to stop you from speaking. That is a total lie.

  30. @Crow, you missing the point. Did you not hear the speaker say in his OPINION that Chas’ statement did not prove corruption. How valid is his opinion? What evidence does he have to prove that? I’m not saying Chas had evidence to make his point, but if you ask him for proof and in your opinion the proof does not constitute corruption, then you need to tell us what evidence you had to make such an opinionated judgment. Two wrongs have never made a right.

  31. Civil cases bore me. I am no longer excited by them. I prefer the excitement of criminal court, when the defendant is being shackled or handcuffed. I can hardly contain myself when I see a defendant being driven away in a police vehicle. The drama of it all. Be sure to let me know when the speaker is criminally charged. He has been getting close to the line of no return.

  32. @Time Will Tell. In the house, from time immemorial, the speaker’s opinion is the last word in the house. Whether parliamentarians like it or not. Their only course of action is to challenge it whether in the courts or elsewhere. But for Chas to say that he was silenced is an absolute lie. Additionally, while the speaker is speaking he and other parliamentarians are to sit (meaning all movement should be halted) but to show he is a “bad john” he walking out? Bullshit! This is total arrogance and disrespect. The party made has made a total mistake by having mate be the face of it. Unless mate is thrown into the trash of forgetfulness, he will demolish The Party.

  33. Crow you say things there with some merit. Yes the speaker makes the ruling but it has always been according to section whatever, this needs to be withdrawn. Never before have I heard in my opinion. Foster came closest to making such a ruling but he didn’t indicate that it was his opinion. He simply didn’t want Guy to pursue a line of argument. Remember since when that’s your role. Regardless of where you are sitting on the fence, you must admit that the speaker is overstepping his boundaries.


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