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Pierre Says Gun Trafficking Down For Discussion At Meeting With United States Vice President


Prime Minister Philip J. Pierre says gun trafficking will be on the agenda when Caribbean leaders meet with United States Vice President Kamala Harris in the Bahamas on Thursday.

Harris will meet  Pierre and other Caribbean Community(CARICOM) leaders and the leader of the Dominican Republic in Nassau to discuss various issues.

The meeting follows one in Los Angeles during the Americas Summit.

Prime Minister Pierre recalled that the discussion then included the economic situation, climate resilience, and the relationship between the United States and CARICOM.

“We will definitely speak to the Americans about the flow of arms into the islands,” Pierre, responsible for National Security, told reporters regarding this week’s meeting with the United States Vice President.

“The Americans are our friends, so it will be a discussion among friends,” he explained.

White House Press Secretary Kirsten Allen said last month that the US Vice President’s trip to the Bahamas delivers on the Biden-Harris administration’s commitment to advance cooperation with the Caribbean in pursuit of shared prosperity and security and in recognition of the common bonds and interests.

In April, at a Regional Symposium to address Crime and Violence as a public health issue, CARICOM leaders registered grave concern at the increase in the illegal exportation of guns from the United States of America, declaring it a direct threat to their democracy.

The leaders declared war on guns to combat the illegal trade providing weapons that contribute significantly to the Region’s crime and violence, causing death and disabilities and compromising the safety of citizens.

And the regional leaders called on the United States of America to join the Caribbean in its War on Guns and urgently adopt and take action to stop the illegal exportation of firearms and ammunition into the Caribbean.

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  1. Well PJP do yourself a favor and if you serious about reducing crime issue at hand. And truely wanna bring back the beauty the island has. Take note.

    Speak to the higher powers, bring in CI and the right special forces outside lucia, and a judge that has a pair. And watch how fast crime stop. May need a bigger jail n better CO’s but it will end by Xmas. And then and only then will things change. Will lose a few along the way. And harsher punishment makes a point.

    But you’ve had time to provide livable wages save the youth and other BS. But nothing. So don’t expect change unless it starts from the top. And that’s apparently not the case with you.

    So the next assault rifle rounds n weapons ya get. Let them free. But if they got weed hold them awhile. Hmmmm

  2. Damn! i didn’t know that a redux of the movie, Dumb & Dumber was scheduled to be shot this year!

  3. Most Honorable go and do your thing level head St Lucians are behind you…….this is not a beggars affair at Mono Largo nothing tried nothing gain make this a unified collective effort of demands. We know they don’t care if guns are leaving the US as long it’s not going to fight Israel and Ukraine they could not care any less. It amazes me that others before you has never see it fitting to put the country or regional security at the forefront of their many trips even when they addressed the UN, instead all they did was panhandle like a crackhead on 42 Street. Good luck Sir in your endeavors right thinking St Lucians and victims of gun violence are behind you all the way.

  4. I hope PJP won’t be given the mic to talk. Next thing he say Lucia is in New York or some crap like 3 words Gun Vio lence. Please PJP don’t speak just nod your head and smile.

  5. If I were you pjp I would definitely ask VICE PRESIDENT KAMALA HARRIS… send a couple of CIA national intelligence people to st lucia to show you the ropes on how to handle being a national security minister don’t be ashamed sometimes there are a few things in life we can’t do and don’t understand how it works and we ask the real experts for help otherwise we are doomed….

  6. @SMH… you have me laughing so hard I got rid of some wrinkles 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😀😃😁

  7. If you really want their attention just tell them your security forces busted tonnes of coke and you need help to eradicate it….they’ll be at your service in a blink of an eye and maybe then they can help address the gun issues. …btw it’s a black on black thing they don’t really give 2fk …they will bust you with a gram of coke entering their country but can’t detect an AR15 or an AK leaving the borders….somebody!anybody!make it make sense.

  8. @ nudge and smh, thanks for the laugh 😃.
    Between the two of them you imagine the word salad they’ll whip up. The clown and the cackler.

  9. By meeting with Kamala Harris, does Pip think that he will finally be able to best someone at public speaking, even as he knows that she was picked as Vice President, because she makes the demented, senile Biden sound coherent?

    Kamala’s minor gaffes:

    If not the case, is Pip hoping that her reputation regarding her climb up the political ladder is accurate? Some have claimed that the Subance soca tune, “Sue say, she like it”, is a thinly disguised paean to her sword swallowing skills!

  10. On his trip will he ask for RF’s visa to be reinstated. Will he ask for FBI help in solving the murders of Baje and Gobat? Will he ask for finding the root cause of the violence in Vieux Fort and the big names that are part of it? Will he ask for help determining the big names that are laundering South American drug money through Trinidad and St. Lucia?

  11. The bit the ‘Dishonourable lowgrade’ wrote could never be his own; it must have been dictated to him – the guy is too dumb to write anything that’s not completely stupid.
    Dr Horace Chang wanted to unload the Chairmanship of the Council for National Security and Law Enforcement, to anyone who wants it, up came PjP I want it (will look good on me) since then what has he done? NADA.
    There were folks in ‘Marchand and Tu Rouge’ back then who spoke a lot better, sorry to say.


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