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ASP Sean Alexander Files Criminal Complaint Over ‘Reckless And False’ Social Media Posts

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sean Alexander says he has filed a criminal complaint over ‘reckless and false’ allegations against him in his capacity as Officer in Charge of Immigration.

Alexander said it came to his attention that Minerva Ward made certain widely circulated ‘scandalous and outrageous’ statements about him.

“I take these defamatory allegations seriously and have promptly instructed my lawyers to take the appropriate action seeking an immediate retraction and apology by Ms. Ward to be published similarly to the false statements she made about me,” the senior police officer said in a statement.

The complete statement appears below:

Saint Lucia, June 9, 2023, It has come to my attention that Minerva Ward, who holds herself out to be a blogger, political activist, or commentator, has made certain scandalous and outrageous statements about me in my capacity as Officer (Assistant Superintendent) in Charge of Immigration.

These reckless and false statements included a picture of me and my name.

The distasteful post by Ms. Ward on her Facebook page has since been republished on various forms of social and electronic media.

These lies, I am informed, were also widely published on the following political Facebook Groups; ‘Supporters of the United Workers Party’ with 5,300 followers, ‘United Pac Saint Lucia’ with 18,000 followers and Citizens for Accountability and Progress’ (CAP) with 8,000.00 followers.

It has also been published widely through personal WhatsApp forwards.

Having read the said post, it is clear that Ms. Ward deliberately made these totally false accusations against me, attaching my picture, with the calculated intention to cause serious harm to my character and my reputation to score political points or social media relevancy.

The scandalous content of the post, coupled with the magnitude of its vast publication, has caused severe damage to my otherwise unblemished character and reputation as a civil servant with over 34 years of service to my country.

I want to categorically deny the allegations made by Ms. Ward against me in her desperate attempt for political relevance or “likes”.

I take these defamatory allegations seriously and have promptly instructed my lawyers to take the appropriate action seeking an immediate retraction and apology by Ms. Ward to be published similarly to the false statements she made about me.

I have also filed the necessary complaints under the Criminal Code and Electronic Crimes Act.

While I encourage healthy debate on political and public issues as part
of the right to freedom of expression and speech, these rights must be exercised responsibly.

I will not become collateral damage.

Ms. Ward clearly has no regard for the truth or the hurt and damage caused by her unsubstantiated and irresponsible claims to me and my family.

She has shown political immaturity and reckless disregard for my reputation and has spewed vile, scandalous, and defamatory statements about my good name.

Ms. Ward’s failure to allow me to refute these false allegations can only be taken as intentional. This cannot go uncorrected.

I will not stand for this, and I intend to pursue this matter against Ms. Ward vigorously and to the fullest extent of the Law.

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  1. Go for it! Reckless indeed. I saw the post and thought to myself, I hope they have evidence to support such claims. Some people fail to realise that they are free to say what they please but they are not free from the consequences. Someone like Minerva who claims to be so educated but yet acts so ridiculous. She always engages in so much slander, row row and has nothing positive to say. She knows she can never make such accusations about a person in Canada with their picture attached and not suffer the consequences. She would never try that crap in Canada where she claims she lives. This woman clearly has too much time on her hands and is nothing short of toxic. Support your party but do so without always attacking and defaming other people.

  2. What the hell is this guy talking about; are you the only one people talk about here, be it a politician, a civil servant, a person in private on Island or out of Island? Welcome to reality man, the world in which we live, is the survival of the fittest, remove the local blinkers and see the the big picture St. Lucia is now part of, take a good drink and have some fun.

  3. It is about time they make person pay for their carelessness. I think it should be more that an appology . We must take stands against those recklessness. It must be taken to the courts

  4. Ok sir , I hear you . Now say something… what’s going on with our st Lucian passports ?

  5. Ayay! Ayay!

    Minerva against the ropes. A left and a right. Hard punch to the body. Alexander makes some fancy foot moves and slowly creeps up on the opponent. A looping right hand that crashes against the ear…she grimaces. Finally, a vicious uppercut to the jaw and she collapses unto the carpet. Down goes Minerva! Down goes Minerva! It’s over. Ladies and gentlemen, it’s over!

  6. I agree with you totally Sir. However, tell us whether a female justice of the peace charges Saint Lucians as much as seven hundred dollars to to get them their passports from the passport office.

    Tell us whether some of your immigration officers collect monies from desperate Saint Lucians to assist them in securing their passports.

    Tell us why were immigration officers assisting that JP with the processing of passport applications at her Vieux Fort office.

    Tell us whether immigration officers received a cut from the fees collected by the JP

    As head of that department, tell us what did you do to put an immediate stop the that unwarranted exploitation of your fellow Saint Lucians.

    Tell us Sir what prevented you from offering the same service offered by that female JP to Saint Lucians at no additional cost to them.

    Tell us Sir who at the immigration office was responsible for receiving the passport applications from the JP.

    Tell us Sir at what point was this situation brought to your attention and what action did you take to protect we the members of the public for this woman.

    Tell us why we shouldn’t demand that you be relieved of your position as immigration head if it is proven that this JP exploited Saint Lucians with the assistance of the passport office.

    Tell us Sir for we are desperately seeking the truth.

  7. Where was Menovar when the Pajoah letter arose? Where was she when Chas borrowed 863 million dollars? Did Chas ever tell us the amount of passports he sold. Minover you are are waste to support a liar.

  8. Some of you all lucians are so political blind no wonder they selling you all and you all still in denial stop the hatred..ask Sean Alexander why people taking so long to get their passport..All of you all I see on social media putting hands in fire for him hmmm

  9. It was about time someone made this woman pay for her reckless social media posts. “Those whom the Gods wish to destroy they first make mad.” This woman has lost her God forsaken mind. Her cases with Richard Frederick are still pending so she has some long dark days ahead of her.

  10. I encouraged Minerva not to apologize. Let the ASP take this to court. He might have information that we need to know regarding the passport scandals. Someone is playing some chess game and it appears Minerva is better at the chess game. I say take her to court. RF had the same approach and all of a sudden he went quiet. If you live in a glasss house don’t throw stones. Minerva should force him to take her to court – we need a judge to listen. Nice approach Minerva. If anyone is waiting for an apology from Minerva, do not hold your breath ## IronLady

  11. I Just wish he that Assistant Commissioner would be as passionate about crimes in St Lucia, why don’t we get that vigor and pass in the same demeanor to solve every single case. Look at the amount of crime that happening and this is the only thing that boils your blood, something is truly wrong with this police system. Yes she needs to be taught a lesson but there are much more pressing matters that warrants your immediate attention in such a manner. Tell us when was the last time you looked into all of those cold cases for the island of St Lucia and solve just one. Please tell me. We want that same justice you seek for yourself for our family and friends who lost their lives by some criminal who is still at large with not one ounce of justice served to date. HELP US LIKE YOU HELP YOURSELF MR ASP

  12. I have no objection to a person supporting a party but the wreckless and irresponsible behavior displayed regularly by Minerva Ward and under the guise of United Pac and the use of fictitious names on social media is dangerous, toxic and divisive and an embarrassment to her party and the people of St Lucia. This woman is malicious and is only bent on destroying people’s character by lying to score political points and therefore must be stopped.✋🏻

  13. Too many people with loose tongues. So vicious and need to be punished by the Law accordingly. An apology is not enough, and she would only be doing so out of fear of facing more appropriate legal action. People are so disrespectful and full of hatred and spite now; Spewing poisonous comments will little thought for the damage they cause. Publish her photo all over the internet with a description of the nastiness she says about others and see how she likes it when the shoe is on the other foot hmmmm…

  14. So you mean to tell me this woman doesn’t have a man, bf, husband, sister, BFF, cousin, auntie, mother to tell her that the manner which she wants to better her home country by attacking Saint Lucians and especially public servants through a biased political agenda is wrong?

  15. The investigation of the Immigration Department should be expedited just as they are expediting passports for the payments they are receiving for them from the JP lady but fail to process the applications of the citizens who cannot afford the extra fees , even if your application is at the immigration office for over 2 months.

  16. Why do private entities secure passports in 3 days? What system are they using that the citizenry cannot use? Something is happening here? I hope there is a proper transparent investigation into the methodology being used by these facilitators.

  17. Prejudice in all areas as long as is SLP in power. If this was being done under the UWP.. by then they would be calling new elections. . I have some coworkers who got their passport s in 3 days because of friendship or connections and at same time I am personally aware of other people who had their applications there 2 months prior

  18. Some people are not very smart. It’s not the fact of a middleman but the fact that the middleman has access that the struggling malaway doesn’t. So your mother dying in the states it takes 3 months to get a passport but the middleman can get $650 and wave a magic wand and give you a passport in 3 days. This must have bobol.

  19. Noticed how he filed a complaint to have the post removed and demanding an apology but if he was confident that he was clean he would immediately file a lawsuit. He will not because it would lead to exposure. Lots of corruption in these gov institutions. we know about them but keep making excuses because of color. smh

  20. None police either male or female have a clean slate in St. Lucia. Secondly we have it all so wrong that when we hold public offices you operate and behave as if you are an private sector employee. You may have done some sinister things during your 34 yrs of service, you all like that verse ” unblemish record” We all know that all police officers are crooks in St. Lucia even the pastors too.

  21. Hmmm. I think the issue is more about the problems faced by St Lucian’s in securing their passports in a reasonable timeframe. I applied for 5 passports for my family and 7 trips later from the south, and I still DON’T have them. So what’s really going on?? I’m aware of 1 person who never showed up at the office yet received her passport in 3 days! Totally unfair and unethical.

  22. A a … my people… misaiy is the President of the United States. So much crap happening in the Immigration Department under your very nose and you fail to realize them.
    Awwa… this cannot be right.

  23. Homophobic, red-eyed St Lucians are at it again. We prefer to see our country decay than call out those who bring us on the brink of another Haiti. I can’t understand how so many persons see nothing wrong with what is going at the immigration department. Didn’t the Minister say that there will be an investigation into the operations at the department. She is very aware of the level of corruption taking place there that’s why. No one sees anything wrong with a private citizen literally selling our passports for as much as $500. more than it cost. What is worse we stand in the sun for about 6 hours to get an application in and have to wait 3 – 4 months before receiving it but that citizen will have it to you in 2 – 3 business days, while never being on the line for a minute.

  24. Everything about some people is politics. The gentleman has a genuine complaint, he cannot see everything which is happening in the office like some of you are so skillful in your corruption, he may be the last to know. It happens at your home as well when everyone knows about your child, you are the last to know. So if you all know tell him.

  25. It will be very interesting to see how this unfolds.

    I get the impression that accusations are being thrown out there then requests made for retractions but nothing then happens.
    Is is possible that subsequent court actions will open up a can of worms that nobody wants aired in public? In other words a clinical request by a judge for presentation of evidence might hurt a lot of people.

    I go back to the Stv Judes fiasco where maybe $100 million ÷ of Lucian voters’ taxes has been wasted, mismanaged or stolen by BOTH sides. So far we know nothing because if one side makes exposures the other side might do the same.
    Conclusion: Criminality from top to bottom out there.


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