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Deceased Stabbing Victim’s Mother Recalls Constant Harassment Of Her Son


Lona Louison, the mother of the fatal stabbing victim Scott Chester Louison, has lamented people’s reluctance to get involved when conflicts between others occur, noting that her son became the subject of constant harassment while seeking to earn a living.

“It could be your son. You never know. You could separate a fight. You could prevent a death. At least call,” Lona stated.

She told reporters that since he was unemployed, her son Scott tried to make money by selling various items, including pieces of sugar cane, breadfruit, and icicles.

But Lona recalled that her son’s activity incurred the displeasure of other young men who also had their items near the Morne du Don school.

Victim Of Fatal Stabbing In Morne Du Don Identified – One Man Assisting With Probe

“There’s a shanty by the Morne du Don School there. So he always used to tell me since he not working at the moment, he would try and see what he can do to help himself because I myself used to be selling on the streets,” she said.

“So the guys now have their stuff underneath the shanty there. So when he used to go there there was always a competition – they getting on with him. They would tell him, ‘Move from there. Get out from there’. You know, they would feel jealous their stuff not selling,” the mother explained.

“They used to run him down,” Lona recalled.

She said when she learned that one particular individual was making trouble for her son, she advised Scott to sell his items elsewhere or try to get a job.

“He tell me, ‘Mommy, I’ll take heart,'” the mother recalled.

But she said the harassment continued.

And on Sunday morning, Lona learned that her son had been stabbed.

She told reporters when she reached the scene near the Morne du Don School Scott was on the ground, and an ambulance was also there, along with a crowd of onlookers.

“I wish they would find the person that kill him for no reason and arrest them – do something about it. And you know what I wish again? When those things happening, people don’t want to separate. They don’t want to stop the fight. They don’t want to say nothing and people just dying like that,” Lona lamented.

“Try and prevent a death,” she urged. “At least call. Make a phone call. No, they just stand up there and they not getting involved. That’s not good enough,” the distraught mother declared.

Lona said her son did not live to see his 21st birthday next month.

Police received a report on Sunday morning that Scott’s body was found near the Morne du Don School.

One man is assisting investigators with their probe into the homicide.

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  1. Certain hoods on this island is rotten to the core. When poverty strike home in these communities life has no value. It becomes a doggy doggy world, even the rats and cockroaches find peace, we human don’t know how to live peacefully. Simple

  2. I feel sorry for the mother, another youngster slaughtered in st.lucia. Appealing to the police again, to do their job. At least solve one murder, just one, so, at least we will know that you can, because right now, st.lucia police is non existent. People wonder why there is crime, all the youngsters should just go get a job, get a job where? That’s where the government can do something, but they too busy with the tourists.

  3. If you story is indeed true, then it is extremely disturbing and shows how depraved this country has become. This simplest disagreement leading to the loss of life is not a practice is a civilised society. St. Lucia is a animal farm masquerading as a country.

  4. i say now and will always say if we close shops supermarkets everywhere for at least half the day and take to the streets at different points in front govt buildings…in front police stations… for a week for a month then the authorities WILL step up…all time we deh doin nothin……jus typing on all different forums and we expect police govt leaders to make a change…smh…wen they see the public put up a good protest a good revolution peacefully they will do something…but remember also follow God and repent…

  5. Wow.I have alwasy rebuked the statement that de yutes eh wanna work. There is NO WORK. Plz tell me one place a yute can walk to now for employment. What construction is ongoing and looking for young men and women. Dem Reps believe is just gv lil jobs to clean drains and cut bush by the roadside for a few days and that’s it. That’s even more frustration. THERE IS NOTHING GOING ON IN LUCIA to get employment right now. ZERO. The people are FRUSTRATED. All jobs to party hacks even if they already have jobs elsewhere.

  6. The amazing thing is all this young local blood being spilled and the politicians and stake holders are quiet. However, let one white tourist get killed. Mr. Pm you need to do better ….

  7. I don’t know why there is no work as it was promised. A year or so ago, ‘Global Port Holdings” came to St. Lucia, Mike Maura jn showed a short Video to some Cabinet members, showing how Port Castries could be improved for the Tourists etc if his Company is contracted to do what he described as ‘improvements’ the cost of which would run in the millions. After that presentation, the public have not heard a word.
    I only hope that this one didn’t go down as the one about the proposed ‘OIL RESERVE AT THE SEA BED AT DAUPHIN’ so let’s be careful this time, I hope no advance money was given to that Company.
    If you want work, go ask the Cabinet members, what happened to that scheme, is it dead or alive, we need to know; and by the way, we need work now.

  8. I feel your pain mum. No government can fix that problem when will we get that in our brain? turn to God work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. we don’t want to hear about God but LGBTQ….. and criminals we bowing to we open the way for them

  9. @SMLH for a small country st.Lucia really has a low employment rate especially for youth, now youth of today have to find a way for themselves but it’s like other youth wanna kill other youths because of business. The police are not doing nothing when comes to these crimes and the government all they say is youth this and youth date but don’t tell or put anything in place for a youth to show off their skills and talents.

  10. You killing someone for a location? Bruh you don’t own the place so stfu not because you there that means should get on because there someone else there that does the something. And you more stupid because the reason why people will run to another person tent is because either their price is lower or products ain’t good as his which you should be trying to improve

  11. There is no respect for life in St Lucia, no compassion shown for others. Lucians are a very fractious mob who do not help each other. How can they live with themselves watching as a young man has his life taken? They do the same when there is some one mentally ill in their midst too – they show no mercy, just chase them away or worse. One day it will be your turn, and nobody will help you either. Funny when someone is caught stealing Lucians nearly beat them to death, and yet when it’s a person’s life, they just stand back!!! It’s not only up to the government and the police, it is a whole of society issue, but people here just turn a blind eye. St Lucians have lost their souls. So sorry for this mother, and all the others who have lost their sons and daughters on this dark and sinister island. Sadness for a lifetime…

  12. There are no jobs in the country for the young people and when you get a job it is one that nobody wants to do long hours and low wages, 3 to 5 EC dollars and hour and working inhumane conditions. The government is in power for 3 years but still can’t enact a minimum wage

  13. Re Article, It’s a very sad for St Lucia and the people..
    We must improve on our current slave wages being paid to the working poor.. The Department of labour must create a fair living minimum wage of $10+ per hour of work performed by any workers..
    Folks! If we share the wealth with the working poor we can avoid disturbance in the future..

  14. MUm! You can’t separate fights anymore because you will be another statistic.
    It’s sad what our beautiful island has arrived at…..

  15. my lady its not just so you going and separate a fight uh. If someone had gone and separate the fight your son would be alive maybe and the person who tried to do good is dead. Look on a plane there was a fight and a good person went to separate it who do you think got hurt? so you cant blame people for not getting involved because people are scared for their own life as well. but look at this wi, you trying to make a honest living and you getting killed its like its better off selling drugs e. smh they must get that bad mind envious hater.


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