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Man Shot Dead In Ciceron


One man is dead after sustaining gunshot injuries in Ciceron, Castries, Tuesday, police have confirmed as they began a homicide investigation.

The Saint Lucia Fire Service responded to a call for assistance at about 6:43 pm after confirming that police were on the scene.

Responders found a man with penetrating wounds to the head.

The deceased is believed to be in his early twenties.

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  1. Don’t tell me, you mean there are still young men left in St. Lucia? I thought that the men in their twenties were already wiped out? any of that Gem left better find the Lord God for help and Salvation; WHAT ARE THE CHURCHES DOING?

  2. These guys don’t go to church or rather indoctrinated in some other street religion church can’t do rass for them.

  3. What is the church doing? That was the question asked. May I answer the question by stating that the church has been doing what it always has been doing for more than 2000 years, preaching the Gospel that Jesus is the answer to man’s alienation from God.

  4. sad times continue to take over this Land. The media is tight lip on the Homicide count, Who is keeping them from saying how much, or is it because we have this prestigiuos world Travel Awards in a few days here and we want to make a good impression on the Visitors. Well this is St.Lucia, where rules are broken and Government controls the media.

  5. Church? 😂😂…keep praying….only fools will continue praying and expect a different result when the facts prove religion ain’t changing jack….only fools will ignore the fact that prayer is endemic in Saint Lucia and yet nothing is changing….only fools…if church was the answer things would have been different a long time ago….but keep praying… keeping babbling meaningless incantations… instead of offering practical solutions….holy fools…

  6. I am sure that if there was a decent minimum wage , that you man who got killed would be happy to be in the odd job that people with degrees do not want to do

  7. @The Fox. What are the churches doing? Every day, they’re asking men and women to give their lives to Christ. And what do the majority do? Turn a blind eye. The stuff their ears and turn up their noses in disgust. Why? Because they are challenged to make changes and get out of their comfort zones.

    Believe it or not, the churches are in the communities giving clothes, food, even giving counselling. The churches are doing but the world, generally, is not paying attention

  8. o now we need the church eh. well that’s good better late than never. but I have said it before that no politician can stop crime the answer to the world problem its that every man is responsible for his soul salvation turn to God repent and change your evil ways

  9. @thepreacher if you are correct that the church has been preaching the Gospel that Jesus is the answer to man’s alienation from God for more than 2000 years, and the world is still in this state of criminality, then it’s obvious that something is wrong with the church’s message. Your view confirms what I already knew that the Jesus you speak of has given us the ability to make decisions and we are expected to make choices and decide. We should never miraculously expect him to solve our problems. And if he hasn’t for 2000 years what makes you believe that he will now. The church should therefore get off its behind and make a meaningful financial contribution to the problems of this world. Stop hoarding the money taken from the poor and instead spend it to make their lives better. This might definitely assist in crime reduction.

  10. How many fatherless kids did he leave behind for someone else to raise. Lord have mercy! We are in a dark place. We are losing our young black men to senseless gun violence. I want police to conduct illegal search and seizure all over the island to get the illegal guns from the criminals.

  11. The bottom line and the reality of life is simply this – if you old enough to understand and you are doing wrong, only you can turn yourself around. Don’t expect any government to help you – if you decided to have more kids than you could afford – that’s on you. If you chose to envy others that’s on you, if you chose to hang your hat where your hand cannot reach – that’s also on you. If you prefer to hang out with the wrong crowd and not educate yourself with at least a skill that’s also on you. The reality is – you can bring a horse to the water, however you can’t make it drink. Church cannot help you, government cannot help you -therefore help yourself.

  12. What do we say when 4 persons are assaulted 2 confirmed dead in 3 days 1 small PM. No addresses to the country and no arrest we are in a Jason Stateman or Bruce Willis movie because that’s the only place I ever see people killing people with no statement by persons in authority

  13. My comfort in my suffering :
    The word of God ‼️
    Your promise preserves my life..
    I remember your ancient laws,
    O LORD (God) and I find comfort in them..
    Has darkness have communion with light ❓

    Prayers don’t always get answered the way we want them to be, but God delevers what we need,
    Be patient and trust in the LORD ❗
    When our heart is pure and true, God is a way of making sure in your favor ❗
    But the LORD’S curse is on the house of the mockers, none of their offsprings will see the goodness of God in the land..
    The LORD blesses the home of the righteouse..
    And he mocks the proud, but gives grace to the humble…


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