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‘Flambeau Is On The Move’ – Chastanet Announces Castries Protest March


Declaring that ‘Flambeau is on the move,’ United Workers Party (UWP) leader Allan Chastanet has announced a protest march for November 30, 2023, in Castries.

It would be the party’s second such event within two months.

On October 14, the UWP held a march in Vieux Fort.

During that activity, dubbed the beginning of a movement to remove the SLP administration, the UWP said it would protest in Castries.

UWP leader Allen Chastanet told a public meeting on Sunday that the government would only listen to a collective voice.

“A collective voice means that all of us together, regardless of what political persuasion, what race, what height, what age, what economic status we have, it is our country and our democracy that is under attack,” the former Prime Minister told his audience.

“On November 30, I am inviting all of Saint Lucia, anybody who believes in democracy, anybody who believes in fairness, anybody who does not believe in victimisation, anybody who does not believe in persecution and anybody who cannot stand anymore living in a country of fear and crime and the state of the roads we have. I am asking all of you on November 30 to come with us at 4:30 in the afternoon to Vigie field and we will march through the streets of Castries,” Chastanet said.

He said those who were brave enough could attend the first UWP William Peter Boulevard meeting since the last general elections.

“We are back,” Chastanet, whose government the electorate voted out of office at the July 26, 2021 elections, declared.

Headline photo: Flashback – Allen Chastanet leads UWP protest march in Vieux Fort.

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  1. The opposition lacks substance and are throwing mud left right and center, in the hope that some would stick somewhere which is the exact strategy they used last election. They squandered the opportunities they had when they were put in office . They are using the race card, freedom of expression and the 43% to advance their agenda. The last time they won the election they promised five to stay alive. What became of that five ? Instead they sold our sovereignty, filled their pockets, and up to today are trying to suppress freedom of expression. Just take a good look at each potential candidate and see for yourselves what each has to offer . Both parties are responsible for our demise today. The question is, which one puts the people first ?

  2. you all politricktions seems to be forgetting so fast eh. fooling foolish people. its heart breaking that you have some people falling for your tricks. chas not too long ago you were trying to rule this country like a dictator . that was not.too long ago you mean you forgot that already. and by the way give pip the documents you have to bring down the fuel price .since you didn’t have time to sign it let pip sign it for us please if you care about us

  3. Allen Chastanet, while you and your detractors have a constitutional right to peaceful protest, you have no plan to make St. Lucia a better country. You left us a legacy of corruption after five years of rising debt and inadequate public services. In your absence, democracy has been restored to St. Lucia. Freedom House, a non-profit organization, has declared St. Lucia to be one of the most democratic countries in the world under the SLP-led government. So, your propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, falsehoods, and lies only resonate with your henchmen and loyal puppets who are incapable of thinking for themselves. International organizations such as the IMF, World Bank, Transparency International, and Freedom House have all deemed your administration as corrupt and regressive.
    Currently, we are living through difficult times due to Covid-19-related inflation. However, in tough times, leaders need to be perceived as being both realistic and fair. What St. Lucia got instead from your administration was a leader who seems to live in a fantasy world and is oblivious to concerns about social solidarity. In short, you are a fake, phony, and a fraud.

  4. Lol aa, did I just read victimisation, you did the most victimising, you should have spoken to your soldiers when you were in office. For the first time in so many decades a government is focusing on the true future of our country, the youth, not in one sector but all!!! Yes the state of roads are deplorable in some areas, but they are fixing them step by step…we are seeing things happening. The government of Saint Lucia for the first time are combining the development of all sectors for the betterment of the country. Maybe just maybe you all both flambeau and Labah supporters should hush about politics and come together to suggest actual valid points to uplift the country. Man sit down you old timers time is over. It’s time for the youth to take over. Papishow!

  5. Chas said “we are back”. Is it for more corruption?
    Chas I want to support you, but I need to know your policies.
    Tell us if you were to win the next election will you continue to give teachers money for school materials or you will stop it?
    Tell us about pensioners.
    Tell us about CXC payment for Maths and English, also scholarships for our youn people.
    When you explain these look for my support.

  6. Yawwwn Oh well ! Ladies first……..let them go and march what else is there for them to do …. people soon get tired of them. We having one just now too in Castries bojay………..I am going to tell Pierre don’t have no more after this the people will get tired of you fast……let the clowns go and march everyday leave that for them.

  7. WHY?
    WHY now?
    WHY a march?
    I could understand if the SLP had ruled for over five years, and nothing was achieved. Give the SLP a break, and let us see/feel their true performance. Yes, they have done some weird stuff, but also a few good deeds. The current economy is not that great, but where on this earth is there a perfect economy?
    WAIT … to see their “true grit” before going down the “March” road.
    Word to TMHHG – hush up!!

  8. Man get the hell out of there as we the working poor are looking Farward to a good Christmas and a decent minimum wage as from next year …

  9. Wa..chastnet really hungry for power. Seems he really misses being the PM . Hopefully he will publicly flog the same UWP supporters that put him in power…

  10. Well if the March not enough let’s cause a riot to get those slp ministers attention because it’s like they doing what they want and the people who elected them can’t say anything

  11. Wasn’t this same PM past who demanded money fro. Treasury and threaten to fire if his demands were not met. Am referring to days and weeks before election.
    I heard from you own supporters they are tired of this nonsence from you.
    You reclaimed that IMPASS was over….what???

  12. The clown show is about to get rolling again. Same suspects, same approach, hoping for different outcomes. Just can’t admit their failures and wanting another try to keep repeating the mistakes of the past, while the people pay the price for their lack of foresight and incompetence. We need fresh dynamic leaders, who can lead us into the future and not dwell in the past. Forward thinkers that can get outside their comfort zone sometime, to utilize the resources available to them in the best interest of the people and not their masters. We deserve better, but it’s just in our DNA that better will keep eluding us until we start acting like we care.

  13. Yes we marching pjp in government he said he is planning a March chas in opposition he has the right to March..these slps think st.lucia belongs to them..and they have a big mouth ja insulting everyone

  14. Uncle Chas spray some Baygon, all the cockroaches came out to comment. Only the usual bunch……zeleves


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