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Government Reports Surge In Investment Interest


Investment interest in Saint Lucia is surging and Saint Lucian workers will be at the forefront of the upcoming developments!

Local and foreign investment plays a pivotal role in creating new jobs and upskilling our labour force to secure competitive salaries to support their families and contribute to the development of Saint Lucia.

The government is actively pursuing investment projects that will sustainably grow our economy, improve our infrastructure and provide good-paying jobs for Saint Lucians.

Prime Minister Pierre is ensuring negotiations with investors centre on the needs of Saint Lucian citizens and the prosperity of our country.

Foreign investment in the hotel sector stalled before the Pierre-led Administration came to Office in July 2021. There was no new hotel construction following the opening of the Harbor Club in 2018. Invest Saint Lucia has since finalized several investment projects. Today, hundreds of Saint Lucians are employed and working on the following development projects currently under construction.

  • The Courtyard Marriott at Pointe Seraphine
  • Galaxy Resorts at Canelles, Micoud
  • Cabot Saint Lucia
  • The Cas En Bas Beach Resort
  • Secrets Resort and Spa Saint Lucia

Each of these projects will create new business linkages for local service providers and open the doors to new jobs and careers for our people when they officially open for business in the coming months.

In his Budget Policy Address on April 23, 2024, the Prime Minister announced new measures to build on this momentum. The government will introduce new legislation offering special incentives to attract and facilitate Mega-Investment projects in Saint Lucia.

Local and foreign companies are investing billions in Saint Lucia to scale their operations. This year, several more Mega-Investment projects will get underway!

  • Rodney Bay City Centre Investment Project, Gros-Islet
  • The Grand Hyatt Hotel at Sabwisha, Choiseul
  • A’ILA Resort & Spa Saint Lucia at Mount Pimard, Gros-Islet
  • Cote de Reve at Black Bay, Laborie
  • Faye Gastronomie Restaurant (Storage and warehousing), Vieux-Fort
  • Global Ports Holdings, Castries and Soufriere
  • ItelCX, Vieux-Fort
  • ASCENSION International Ltd, Soufriere

“… opportunities abound for employment and wealth creation for the people of this country.” Said Prime Minister Pierre.

SOURCE: Office of the Prime Minister

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  1. If only those investors knew how lawless and disorderly this place is, they would never put their money in here. That is a sure recipe for societal collapse and no ROI.

  2. @ Economist: well said; while I do welcome investments of all kinds, there’s one thing that has bothered me for years – nothing to do with PjP’s hopeful dreams – but it’s the criminal activities of the organized gangs around the Island. It is painful for me since I have many close relatives some of whom who have been robbed at their homes more than once, male & female & if that which has happened to hard working Locals, wait till the supposed well off visitors come to town – look out baby. For our hard working P.M. I pray to the Lord for his health & safety that a solution be gotten to rid this Island of this scourge of criminal activity.
    Any Government, be it SLP , UWP or any other, I wish them God’s Blessings in their endeavour to do well for the good of the people of St. Lucia. LOVE ONE ANOTHER.

  3. Total Yearly Tourist Arrivals For St Lucia

    2013 960,617
    2014 1,034,068
    2015 1,088,181

    2016 948,000
    2017 1,064,000
    2018 1,165,000
    2019 1,220,000
    2020 455,408 (January had 192,816 visitors, the highest ever)

    2021 301,675
    2022 736,866
    2023 1,047,293

  4. @Lowgrade, I am not a Political Puppet like yourself, I comment when I want, I do not have a politician’s hand up my @$$. Enjoy your lack of visa free travel to Europe just to accept tax and sanction evader money.

  5. @Honorable Lucian Highgrade. You have released the kraken! 😂😂😂😂😂. They will be coming for you. You are now in peril my friend but don’t mind that. We have your back!!!!


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