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Defensive Riding, Demerits Proposed For Saint Lucia Bikers


A road incident on Wednesday in which a biker collided with two girls on the John Compton Highway, resulting in injuries to all three, has prompted a call for motorcyclists to receive defensive riding courses and demerits for certain offences.

The call came from Terroll Compton, Chairman of the Saint Lucia Motor Sports Association and past President of the Moto X Club.

Compton, a motorcyclist with a riding experience spanning over three decades, voiced his concern over the biker’s actions leading up to Wednesday’s collision.

Moments earlier, the biker had performed a ‘wheelie’ on the highway, a move that Compton found deeply troubling.

A CCTV recording captured the maneuver. As the rider went off camera, there was a loud crash, after which individuals rushed to investigate.

Compton toldĀ  St. Lucia Times that motorcyclists should undergo mandatory defensive riding training when receiving their licence for the first time.

He also proposed demerits for certain offences.

A certain number of demerits would lead to a licence suspension.

“So you lose points for ‘X’ or ‘Y’ reason, because doing a wheelie on the road is considered reckless,” the Saint Lucia Motor Sports Association Chairman declared.


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  1. Thank you Mr. Compton….I am saddened that it has to take people like you have to sing the obvious to the politicians and design makers of government! I would go even further and propose that “effectively immediately, no bikers are allowed on our roads until they go through a proper license and defensive riding process” to weed out the bad crops!

  2. Always reactive. Bet you if was a white person that had get hit that road receive the rodney bay marina treatment. Day in day out those morons do this. I always pray they fall break their limbs.

  3. There is a lady in La Clery who got hurt by a biker doing a wheelie recently as well. That one did not make the news but she is not able to walk properly anymore. The biker lost control while performing the act and landed the bike on her while she was walking on the sidewalk.

    The biker has left La Clery and gone into hiding..where is the justice?

  4. @ JO-ANNA, I agree with you wholeheartedly.

    It’s not only bikers doing nonsense on the roads, the defensive driving and demerits proposed should apply to ALL motorists.

    Also, some grievances are so severe that a license should be revoked … PERMANENTLY.

  5. Demerit is just a slap on the wrist. They should be fined and all riding and driving privileges suspended for a year. We have too many irresponsible bike riders on the road. And some have no insurance. Let’s take this matter seriously. If it was my child, I would have filed a lawsuit instantly .


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