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Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am
Updated on June 6, 2020 9:30 am

17 Year Old Among Seven Arrested For Stolen Firearm

A seventeen year old resident of Pavee, Castries, was among seven individuals arrested by Grosm Islet Police Tuesday in an investigation into a stolen firearm

The seven accused were in a house at Beausejour, Gros Islet, where the firearm and several rounds of ammunition were found, the police say.

The firearm was reported stolen on Friday of last week.

The six suspects who were arrested are all in their twenties, according to reports.


    • First of all who’s fire arm that was stolen and did the thieves fire any shots those thieves should be charge as an adult and a gun with bullets those thieves are lucky that one of them didn’t get shot and die and again because stealing is a crime there should be a big penalty for stealing a gun with armors

  1. The young and restless fools! they will get a little pat on their backs! waste of time for our hard working officers!

  2. Lost generation… leave them to kill each other. Quote from bajan group Spice “wen d men (boys) kill d men all dat remain is women is den i go hve me fun………..

  3. I will always say Foreigner’s Come to St.Lucia and get Decent jobs .So what’s wrong with the St.Lucians These young Thugs Committing Crime as Employment and their Immediate Relatives Reaping the Loot

    • “B”
      Not sure I understand your response. I am a foreigner and wouldn’t come for any reason. A third world country where many native to the country beg, steal, and scam is no vacation. The authorities are not quick to assist travelers. If I understand you correctly, you are doing St. Lucia a disservice. After the crimes against American’s in other Caribbean Islands, St Lucia could step up standards and safety increasing tourism and revenue. Bet people like you are the the board of tourism’s worst nightmare.
      Your mind set will leave you to remain a third world impoverished country, where tourist become prey. No thank you.

  4. That’s a perfect example .Their parents are aware of their whereabouts
    Not coming over the Media to mak a report of Missing Person.But when the police Feal with them .Human Rights talking Crap

    • May be a contributing factor is who is the legal owner of the firearm. Where was it stolen and was it in a secure storage.
      Why would the young men of this generation want to steal a gun, and moreover what was their intent ..
      Let’s be thankful that law enfocement acted In a premtive manner which may have saved lives.

  5. Bro does SLNO even have an editor? These articles are trash; so many grammatical errors. Saint Lucia needs to stop accepting mediocrity and set a higher bar

  6. Sorry bro, Slno is not responsible for correcting your story, it will be published as sent. Just take a look at the other Media house’s, they don’t edit the tapes. However, what they are doing is exposing our backwardness, crass, unintelligent set of people we are. It’s a shame and bad publicity for St. Lucia, at large. Something really needs to be done about our media, thanks for the observation.

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