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Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm
Updated on July 8, 2020 4:51 pm

180 CCTV Cameras Introduced To Fight Crime, Hundreds More To Come

Saint Lucia has introduced 180 CCTV cameras providing coverage from Gros Islet to Castries,as part of measures to fight crime.

The announcement came Monday from Prime Minister Allen Chastanet during a press briefing at his office.

“We have just signed off on another $11 million to add now another 380 cameras that will be in Rodney Bay, Gros Islet the Northern part of the Island, saturated in Castries as well as in the South,” Chastanet told reporters.

“We believes that we need to be able to get up to something like 3  or 4,000 cameras in order to have full coverage on the Island, but we believe we are going to make a huge dent with this next batch of cameras coming in,” Chastanet asserted.

He outlined a number of other measures implemented by his administration to assist with law enforcement.



  1. Poor writing by this so called journalist. “Saturated in castries” or situated
    “We believes or believe”
    Gosh man yeah need to re read your article before you publish them. If all you need a writer I’m available.

    • โ˜๏ธand what about the legislative backing? Cops know the struggles with having footage of face that doesn’t stand a chance in court.

  2. Please, don’t let it follow the manner of traffic lights and several other projects. Allocating for maintenance is the ‘Achilles heel” of our governments. Their pattern has been to construct and take rapid flight. Maintenance is a dirty word. Some wonderful day, it will dawn upon them that it is always cheaper to maintain.

  3. Bravo but will not combat crime. The perpetrators are always above the law. They have moved to a next level cause you fools alert them. Police will not succeed in apprehending criminals cause the are always announcing their arrival with their sirens.

  4. This article is UNACCEPTABLE. Where is the editing and proper grammar in that article. So many unanswered questions and spelling errors.

  5. Criminals are much smarter now so the use of cctv cameras won’t solve nun there’s in certain areas n its useless n stop alerting criminals of things that are been in place to get them caught

  6. May not stop crime altogether but will certainly be a deterrent. Will make some think twice before doing foolishly. I say good job.
    Poule Foo, I’m with you on the maintenance issue. Sadly, it’s a problem in the nation, has been for decades.

  7. st lucia will become the most surveyed place in the caribbean if not the world in such a tiny island. we dont need all those cameras to broadcast our daily lives across the world. we need a solid plan to tackle crime and that is not it. the london model should be a caution to us is the most surveyed and surveillance prone place in the world, yet still the crime wave has sky rocketed over the years. the US with half the surveillance of london dont see that much crime in their city streets because US cops dont play. there are certainly crime infested areas in the US, but not everywhere. this is not about solving crime chastanet is making a huge mistake with wasting millions in tax payer dollars on this. it is about using st lucia as a model for surveillance which white people live and breathe for. have a competent police force, an effective judicial system, strong family unit and increase employment prospects.. this cameras in your face is not gonna solve the problem.

  8. SMH! Who has to contract to install the CCTV cameras and why is it costing so much? Any way to siphon money to friends and family, Allen? High Level Crookery!

  9. I guess that I won’t be able to rub on my wiener in public anymore. I think that I’ll go out and stand by Courts Marisule and rub one out. Who want’s to watch?

  10. Riddle me this, riddle me that…

    What number of persons (officers) do you need to view all those cameras?…and other apparatus like monitors, computers, storage, and the technical professionals (more officers) to maintain all of this???

  11. ๐Ÿ™‚ Big brother has arrived with PM Chastanet. Your privacy will be infringe, “perfect timing” and situation to implement such project. Lol next will be National ID cards to tract every individual. Worry not about the finances to implement the surveillance project. I believe other entities will and should pay for such public broadcast. Any world government will be able to tap into and view such cameras. Which will server more of a deterant, and an open eye to the powers that be. Central Intelligence has arrived with PM Chastanet. Slowly but surely St. Lucia is being open up to the world in a most unusual way. Can be a positive or negative venture; lets all pray such is for the betterment of the Island and citizens….and will indeed lessen the criminal activities on the Island.

  12. There is nothing positive about this development. Chastanet is an ahse to have gone along with that plan. It tells you that the UWP is missing intellectual brains and have no sense. Soon they will also be monitoring all Chastanet and his Ministers movements too. This Big brother thing should not be allowed to go ahead en-masse like this. They have estimated that they need 180 cameras. You know what this means? It means 1 camera per 100 people in St Lucia, since we are about 180,000. There is nothing wrong with placing cameras in major business places. This is already the case anyways and in government buildings. But surveillance en-masse such as what Chasanet has taken on should be a “no-no.” This is already being done all over Europe and in some places in the US. It means that people have no privacy on this island anymore. what does Chastanet think that will do for tourism, when people learn that this is an island undertaking mass surveillance? This will keep smart and rich people away. Put cameras in strategic places on roads around ghetto areas. But this plan of implementing this fully should be scrapped. This is where intellectuals are useful in government and not just business people and entrepreneurs because those smart minds certainly know the ramifications of this stupidity.

  13. Creating a surveillance state in Saint Lucia especially with the power politicians has over the police force. It can be abused to silence critics

  14. Cameras make a minimal or no difference. If they did, then there would be no crime and no terrorist attacks in CCTV-laden cities such as London and Paris. The perps will simply start wearing non descript common clothing and baseball caps pulled down to obstruct enough of their face video or images pull off a pole-mounted unit.

    Furrther, in the context of St. Lucia, having live-monitored CCTV’s implies that, where necessary, there is adequately resourced/staffed RSLPF, fire and ambulance capacity to immediately and effectively respond.

    CCTV is a sexy concept and makes for a nice press announcement, but has minimal effect.

    This article below is one of numerous articles and studies on the effectiveness of CCTV regarding public safety and security.

    Go brave and trust 80, 200, 500 cameras. That’s going nowhere fast.

    Rather put more officers on the streets, walking their beats, interacting, being present. It’s called “community policing” — staffing up, getting more officers out on the streets, getting them out from behind their desks, and getting them out of their police vehicles.

    On this one, unfortunately, the PM did not make a solid decision based on a sound and broad basis of fact.

    Unfortunately, as as another commenter pointed out regarding maintenance, this will become an ineffectual and costly financial albatross that will unjustifiably further deepens St. Lucia’s already very tenuous debt and deficit situation.

    • Well put together. Come work for the current administration….we need independent bright sound minds as yourself in conferences moving forward. Thanks for such great inputs

  15. Good step forward. Will help identify the criminals and perhaps get them thinking twice before committing the crime.

    Another good way to fight crime is via employment. Give people purpose and a way to make a living and crime will fall. We already know that allot of violent crime are committed by people who are socially and economically excluded.

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