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Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am
Updated on July 10, 2020 10:53 am

19 killed across Jamaica in bloody weekend

Jamaica Observer: NINETEEN murders in the 72-hour period from last Friday to yesterday morning pushed the country’s murder tally since the start of this year to 550, just three below the same period last year.

The bloody weekend started on Friday when 10 people were killed in 24 hours up to Saturday morning.

That number included a double murder in Old Harbour, St Catherine, where 24-year-old Sachona Haynes, better known as Cake Soap, and 21-year-old Shamar Blackwood were gunned down by unknown assailants.

Truck-Norris Ripton Brown, also called Tesha Miller, was the third victim in St Catherine on Friday. The 24-year-old was fatally shot in Spanish Town.

At the same time, a gang feud in Kingston Western claimed another life on Friday, while the St Andrew South Police Division, where a state of emergency is in place, recorded three more murders. One of the victims had been shot in Olympic Gardens on Thursday and succumbed to his injuries in hospital on Friday.

Murders were also recorded in Mandeville, Manchester; May Pen, Clarendon; and Falmouth, Trelawny on Friday.

The killings continued on Saturday when five persons were gunned down.

Saturday’s incidents included a shooting in the vicinity of Bray Street and Windward Road in Kingston Eastern, where a female, who was not identified up to press time, was killed. Three other persons, including an 11-year-old boy, were shot in that incident.

The gang violence in Kingston Western also claimed another life on Saturday when 47-year-old business man Simon Thomas, of a Tivoli Gardens address, was fatally shot. A 50-year-old vendor survived after he was also shot by the gunmen in that incident.


  1. The Military and Police Force Have to Conduct a Complete Sweep and Search in all Communities in Jamaica .Get Rid of all Gang Leaders and Gangs .They allow this to Escalate Beyond Repair .Jamaica has a Serious problem with Corrupt police officers .Soldiers and Politricktians

  2. Any wonder why the U.S. deported a bunch of Jam’can’s. back to their “$hithole” country? Anyone got any questions?

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  4. Yes Mr. I can’t accept myself as Black Bway I have a question for you Technicolor. Are we not newsworthy everyday you get up to write something about Jamaica.. Why don’t you write about our own s*** hole country and this s*** hole goverment that continue to suffocate St Lucians daily with a knee on their necks while cutting a bigger hole in their pockets. Write when those jamaicans going to come back and give us back jobs or better yet tell the jamaican St Lucia’s biggest employer not to come back and watch this country become s*******.

  5. So much self-hate in some of those comments, the MSM has done its job well in portraying the black race as criminal while Caucasians are the ones who have the most blood on their hands are shown as almost perfect.

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