Saturday, October 19, 2019

1st LGBT Pride Celebration Comes to Saint Lucia

Press Release:-  The Saint Lucia pride committee has launched a logo and theme in
preparation for the country’s first ever public LGBT pride celebration.

This marks a historic occasion for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) people on Saint Lucia.

The logo features a heart-shaped splash in rainbow colours and black, reflecting the diversity of our human family.

A black fist emerges with the passion of ongoing activism to achieve full recognition
of the human rights of LGBT people in the Caribbean.

The 2019 celebration theme “Persist with pride”, is an affirmation for the LGBT community and supporters, as we stay the path towards the goal of full recognition.

Pride is scheduled for August 23 – 26, 2019, with activities aimed at educating and sensitising the general public, as well as nurturing the dignity of non-heterosexual and gender non-conforming people on Saint Lucia.

Public activities include a panel on LGBTQ in Saint Lucia – Then and Now, Youth Engagement on the Meaning of Pride Beyond Sexual Orientation and a Pride Family Day and Health Fair.

A Pride Fashion Show and an Island Exploration highlighting areas of note for LGBT
Saint Lucians, are planned specifically for LGBT people and allies.

Several community organisations and business partners are expected to be part of the Family Day and Health Fair, which will include health talks and screenings, congratulatory speeches, performances and giveaways.


  1. Adopting All saloptay and want to come and say Rights. The devil is really at work and we should not allow that foolishness in our country.
    All them hard back how much make endless children and all.of a sudden they bullar and lesbo .
    Cant waith for the wrath of god to fall on you’ll.

  2. God will be at work soon. Sodom will be a better place to be than here. You all cannot mock the LORD. ( Galatians 6:7.).

  3. Congratulations St. Lucia on building a more inclusive, safe and happy society! For those who use mainstream Christian teachings to advocate hate, please truly search your hearts and ask Jesus how best to love your neighbour. Also, look deeply into the Bible for yourself (don’t rely on your Pastors who are just people like you and me) at the so-called condemnation verses and ask if they were misinterpreted (like the story of Sodom which is really about rape and inhospitable behaviour) or written for a specific cultural context (Romans 1). Let’s focus on truly praising God and let people live in peace. At some point, chat with an openly LGBT person and listen to their story. Do you really believe people choose to be LGBT with all this hatred?

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