1St Phase Of Market Redevelopment Handed Over

An important part of the Castries Market Redevelopment Project has been officially handed over to the Ministry of Economic Development, it has been announced.

The presentation was made on November 28, 2019 at the facility, presided over by Castries Mayor, Peterson D. Francis.

According to a release from the Mayor’s office,  the newly-built edifice can withstand hurricane wind speeds of up to category five and includes a sheltered area, structurally designed to enable the free flow of provisions market vendors and other market users.

Recognizing that vendors are key players in national development and trade, the objective is to ensure further development of their product offerings whilst providing proper accommodation and facilities, the release observed.

It is expected that the new facility will be outfitted with 100 stalls that will accommodate all provisions vendors. In addition, the existing comfort station will be spruced-up and refurbished to contribute to the overall ambience.

Upon official commissioning, vendors utilizing the old Jeremie Street Fire Station site where they were temporarily placed, will be repositioned at their new home.

Speaking at the occasion, Mayor Francis described the project as a fresh start and one that is a vital part of a sector which directly contributes significantly to the socio-economic development of the country.

“It is an important component of the tourism product and as such should be given due consideration in our product development. We look forward to the reopening and providing all our provisions vendors a fresh approach. I am pleased that all our provisions vendors will be accommodated,” said Mayor Francis.

The next component of Phase 1 of the project will see the construction of a Container Box Park creating an avenue for micro enterprising cosmetic shops, cafés, pubs and eateries.

Thereafter, the remaining component of Phase 1 to commence will include modifications to the entrance of the market adjacent to the Castries harbour, construction of a state of the art food court, high-end air conditioned restaurants, a refurbished craft market, entertainment area, and meat and fish depots.

Phase 2 comprises the construction of a viewing tower, and duty free shopping boutiques.


  1. Fresh Start should have been given the project for the Sandals to Choc Widening. Aa contractor delivering before schedule with no public fuss or frustration. Good Job. Long overdue. Cyah wait for the hacks to criticize it. I attended so many political meetings on the market step to hear Kenny and my party members talk. They never the need to fix dat outdated structure for the “poor” people of this country. SMH. Don’t stop there Chas. Boulevard re development is long over due too. Hotels in south for vfort and surrounding young people to get work. tired see ppl struggling to get house to rent up north and Hussle bus system to get to work up north.

      • Don’t know what the Jackass/mule exciting themselves for its Labour that built the highway I can remember as I it was yesterday, before that it was just a pothole filled road. Just like every modern country highway need to be widened or build to accommodate population boom and growth everybody and their mother have a car driving these days so much mini bus and trucks. It’s the same way Labour saw the need to build the bypass around the morne and built the tunnels. Who remember the honors on a rainy day going up the morne behind a 18 wheeler and the many lives that were lost up there so I don’t know why they exciting themselves. Like really ???? Chooops.

  2. Wow ! Kenny met the tunnel road in progress in 1997 high grade, get your facts straight. That vision was NOT labour.

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