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2,000-Pound Great White Swimming Off Florida


CNN:- A great white shark that weighs over 2,000 pounds and measures 15 feet, 5 inches long has been swimming along the US East Coast.

The female shark has been tagged with a tracker, which registered her being off the coast of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina on October 12.

Since then, the shark has moved further south to the Florida Keys, where she showed up on Saturday.

The shark, named Unama’ki, a term used by indigenous people of Nova Scotia which means “land of the fog.”

OCEARCH, a nonprofit that tracks marine life in collaboration with SeaWorld, said it first tagged Unama’ki near Nova Scotia in September.
She is the second biggest white shark the group has tagged in the northwest Atlantic, CNN affiliate WSOC-TV reported.

“As a big mature female, Unama’ki has the potential to lead us to the site where she gives birth and exposes a new white shark nursery,” OCEARCH said.

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) said that while Florida beaches and waterways “more than likely contain sharks,” the animals have played a major role in maintaining balance in the state’s ecosystem.

“Shark activity is at its peak in Florida waters during April through October,” the FWC said.
However, shark attacks are still rare, with humans being “30 times more likely to be struck by lightning in Florida than to be bitten by a shark.”

On the other hand, however, fisheries around the world kill around 100 million sharks every year.

The FWC urges visitors to be aware of their surroundings and understand the risks they take swimming in the waters.


  1. Stupid comentry to make when you should know that the tourists come to Florida because of the beaches,apart from the shopping.Well its to hope that they can monitor this monster of the seas,I would not get into the water knowing this thing is swimming aroud.

    • I agreed the article is terrible. Like many news articles.they omit or add things to make the story more.scary or intriguing etc. The saying “off the coast ” is very misleading many people Ask me it’s in the swim areas when it’s far more.likely to be 20 30 100 miles “offshore” The fact your more likely to be hit by lightning than bitten by a shark should show you how unlikely it is. It’s around 1 in a million to be struck by lightning and 1 in 2.5 million to die. The fact that your more likely to be hit by Bull.Sharks and tiger sharks than a great white is fact. Also fact is Bull and tigers can survive in fresh water . I believe it was 8 miles up one of Florida’s canals they caught a bull shark. Often they for the easy prey. White sharks also rarely eat humans as we aren’t fat enough. Generally what happens I’d me they mistake you for prey especially surfers that resemble.aea lions their favourite food because of its high fat content. A him an ist worth the effort to eat and it’s a mistake.
      If your not surfing your odds we decrease and k ow ing a little bout the beach tour going to is another thing to do. As it is their home (the ocean) we are entering. Commercial fishing close to land shouldn’t be allowed. We blame so many other countries yet they still use long line fishing 1 mile off the coast of San Diego. They use baited hooks or nets. Killing whatever swims by including dolphins turtles and many species of fish whales too. Another thing that should be banned is shark fishing(hunting) their is a guy in Florida- the great shark hunger for something . Well that’s dangerous as to attract sharks they bait the water with chum . Blood and old sleepy dead fish to attract sharks. Because it’s a business they only him as far as they needed to saving on costs (fuel) that attracts she is closer to humans. You should have. Look at ocearch and similar as many do tag and trck sharks for thousand s of miles.. you see the patterns as they travel to locations for food and mating. Stay away from read where their Re large seal populations as they Re sharks favourite foods. And if your still that frightened and want sharks killed we are doing a fine job over 100 million sharks are killed yearly mostly for.their find a delicacy in China and very expensive. To see wht they do to these lot animals as they kill any shark usually drift netting or long line fishing methods (long line.can be 5 .iles long . Imagine ) and often the drift nets they lose so they are floating in our oceans. Just killing and nobody k ow s they are their. Please have T lol at some of the what I tagging sites. You will get a much better idea that they aren’t a real.threat to swimmers . S THEY AHOW YKU ON. Map where these animals Re swimming should give you some.relief nd educate you about a valuable resource that keeps the nonce in nature. As in sure u k ow we need sharks and killer whales. Whales dolphins. E lions.all.creatures to keep the balance that’s needed. To keep out coral reefs alive and living . As many sharks eat example.sea urchins and things that eat the coral thus destroying it. They say because of sharks being killed at a alarming rate coral reefs are decreasing at a minimum 10% per year. That a devastating number coral take a years to throw back . Often shark finning they cut off the find throw the still alive animal.back into the water where it drowns or starves. . I’m sure not a pleasant way to go for any animal. But please look up ocearch Nd many others that tag and track to learn about their habits. And rem3mber your odds of getting struck by lightning are more than getting bit let alone eaten by a shark. Education is the beat thing and I’m sure do put your mind at ease. . Articles like this that are so vague do nothing but one till.feR were it probably doesn’t exist. . So please check out the many tagging and tracing of great whites the least likely As o to bite you. And I’m sure you may come away with a different view . And if not you will learn about why sharks are needed and what else we kill”by accident” using long line drift nets etc. I do hope you find a bit of piece of mind especially it sounds like.tou live in Florida which is so beautiful and diverse. Also you have greater odds of seeing a Cuban on a raft or tube in the water escaping Cuba than be bitten by a shark. I hope you find the information you seek. Take care

  2. Sharks inhabit most oceans, and we’re here long before we made Florida beaches the tourist Mecca they are today. A bit of self awareness goes a long way. You can still enjoy the beach, just be aware.

  3. Good idea to warn people in advance before disaster strikes. Keep off the beaches people…Be safe.

  4. The comments here make me question the notion that humans are logical beings. You should all get new perspective on life and re think where you stand on things. Sharks live in the ocean, they are big. Get over it. Wankers

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