Formal Launch of “Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi” Weight Loss Competition‏

Formal Launch of “Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi” Weight Loss Competition‏

Minister for Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relations, Hon. Alvina Reynolds will today August 27th formally launch of the Ministry of Health’s inaugural and bill to be exciting national weight loss competition dubbed “Pedi Gwes Sent Lisi, Bon Sante Pou Lavi.”

The event will brings together 90 participants from the 9 health regions around the island, 10 participants per region, who will compete for the top prizes of biggest individual loser per region, biggest overall loser and region to lose the most collective weight, among other exciting prizes.

Participants will today be measured for their starting weight and body mass index. A before photo will be take and placed against their after photo at the end of this 2 month long competition.

Health, nutrition and exercise workshops, a walk, hike and obstacle course challenge will form features of this competition. Each region will be identified by a unique colour coded t-shirt and will select mentors who will spur their regional team on.

A logo and theme song have been created for the Pedi Gwes competition for branding and excitement. Members of Parliament, the Taiwanese Ambassador, government officials, health practitioners and sponsor are expected to be in attendance for the launch.

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