Meet the Baby Who Has More Than 100,000 Facebook Likes

Meet the Baby Who Has More Than 100,000 Facebook Likes

Internet entrepreneur Fortafy has one of the biggest followings on Facebook, yet there’s one person who could probably catch him without doing much at all.

Egypt, other wise known as ‘mini Fortafy’, has attracted thousands of fans in just a few months.

The eight-month-old daughter of Fortafy (Sam Ratumaitavuki) and his partner Shana Evers has inspired memes and even caught the eye of the Kardashian family due to her ridiculously cute looks.

The tiny tot quickly hit 100,000 likes on Facebook after a photo of her wearing a Kardashian Kids branded beanie made a lot of people say ‘aww’.

The photo went viral when the label re-posted it on their social media accounts.

It’s since been liked almost 30,000 times.

It’s quite the coincidence considering Egypt’s mum Shana is often likened to Kim Kardashian. Since sharing his daughter with the world, Egypt has quickly become the poster child for cute babies.

Fortafy said he had been approached with baby modeling opportunities for Egypt but he was hesitant.

“We’ve been approached by a lot of companies but we want to make sure it makes sense,” he said.

The rapper turned entrepreneur has 3.9m followers on Facebook thanks to sharing memes and providing candid insight into his family life.

When Yahoo7 spoke with him last month he was gaining 200,000 followers a week.

But it seems Egypt has stolen some of the spotlight.

When asked if he cared if Egypt topped him on Facebook likes he said he didn’t mind at all.

“I think she actually will to be honest,” he laughed.

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