Allen Chastanet’s ‘mongrels’ pick a fight with an ex con

Allen Chastanet’s ‘mongrels’ pick a fight with an ex con

Words are hard to find to deconstruct the political ‘mamaguy’ in the United Workers Party (UWP), aka Destructive Workers Party (DWP). The return of Rufus Bousquet, aka Bruce Tucker, to politics has outfoxed plenty of political novices.

He captured the chairmanship of his former constituency, Choiseul/Saltibus, in a secret ballot, 30 votes to zero, fighting the plots of the aristocrat Allen Chastanet. This is the work of a master craftsman well versed in the science of politics and the game of political brinksmanship – hands down.

Whatever one may say, the message in this victory is a direct threat to the aristocrat Allen Chastanet and the upcoming national convention. This is a sombre reality of desperation on the ground. A situation that is reflective of the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s poor leadership and his uncommon economic ability to subtract and divide.

The reincarnation of Tucker has caused the Castries mulatto to amass political agents and a whole lot of mongrels to jump for their welfare using propaganda to distort reality.

Attorney Huggins Neal Nicholas, aka Nich-ol-ass, seems to have had a mistrial, battling the ex con. Now, his candidacy is dead in the hands of Tucker.

Everyone knows Jimmy Haynes “pressure group” is an offspring of the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s making in the hunt for 1,000 signatures in time for the next national executive meeting, with the hope to derail the ex con.

Friday evening, on the evening news, Rasta lawyer Alfred Alcide pops up on my television screen, shouting at the top of his voice, in the manner only a jackass knows how, claiming his new found boss, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet, is not the problem in the UWP… that Richard Frederick, Rufus Bousquet, Stephenson King and Keith Mondesir are the trouble makers, to the extent that Rufus needs to stay clear of UWP.

Excuse me. Who is Alfred Alcide, huh? Who baptized the Rasta lawyer from Canaries in the UWP? Who needs a Rasta lawyer who cannot win a case in court?

Was he the lawyer for Chakadan Daniel and why was he fired by the family? What about his pro bono work for votes and his sudden love of convenience with Soufriere?

It was a sad evening viewing the Rasta lawyer, Alfred Alcide, on television in a deliberate burst of stammering speech in a failed attempt to raise his profile, arguing for the aristocrat Allen Chastanet, who cares less about him and his brethren.

His outburst on television gives the impression of a hired political novice of the market variety that has found satisfaction in distorting reality with propaganda.

I don’t know what the Rasta lawyer is smoking; whatever it is, can someone reach out and help before it is too late. Someone please reach out and tell the Rasta lawyer, UWP is a baldhead party. UWP is not okay with the Rasta brand, so he better clear his head and red eyes.

I can understand things a hard and nothing eh running and political prostitution is rampant. Hey, who would have thought the Rasta lawyer is in bed with the aristocrat Allen Chastanet!

Don’t ask me who the alpha male is. That’s not my role!

The Rasta lawyer ought to know he does not stand a chance in a runoff, against the aristocrat Allen Chastanet’s adopted son Herod Stanislaus, and partner in the good, the bad and ugly business.

Now we know, the long suspected Rasta lawyer Alfred Alcide is a Boy Scout among equals and a joker in the pack of UWP hopefuls, which history will refer to unflattering.

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