Don’t get faked-out by the aristocrat Allen Chastanet

Don’t get faked-out by the aristocrat Allen Chastanet

Dear Sir:

I have deliberately stayed out of the ongoing certificate stories for a deep dive in the Caribbean Sea and spend a few days on the water. Allay, to the rescue appear two fresh-minted certificates. That’s a big accomplishment if pundits are expected to eat their words for a half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet, who claims both of his grandparents were black. No proof of that to date. Now there is the saga to authenticate degrees in a desperate move to prove to a skeptical public.

What good is any degree if your only real job was cleaning septic tanks, carrying cement and hanging around on Daddy’s boat? What good is a PhD (a pot hole degree, to use the local vernacular), the preferred credential for Saint Lucian politicians, who cannot block potholes on the street, damaging my cool rider; solve simple problems; speak standard English; identify with country folks and make the country a better place.

For example, Prime Minister Kenny Anthony has a PhD in constitutional law, if my fading memory serves me right, plus a sentence after his name. Sadly or by design, Saint Lucia’s constitution has more holes than the fishing mesh on my boat.

The minister for education Robert Lewis has a PhD in mathematics; more students graduate each year and cannot read, write and count.

The leader of the opposition, “LOO, tom-girl” Gale Rigobert has a PhD in international relations. Her best relations are switching accents.

Deputy speaker Desmond Long is a medical (house) doctor, yet the House of Assembly is sick, cabinet is sick and the country is dying! All these credentialed representatives are meaningless without progress in the country.

Now back to the main event!

Over and over, trust issues come up in United Workers Party (UWP) politics. A party desperately working to prove it is ready to take the reins of government back from the Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP). A caller to a talk show last week renamed the party Destructive Workers Party (DWP). This makes sense with the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet, who represents a so-called mixed degree persona.

Indeed he is well mixed, born in Martinique to an aristocratic family, mixed Saint Lucian, and European ancestors, handed cushy jobs, appointed to government, has allegedly driven some organizations into bankruptcy, lives on island, cannot speak Creole, and spends money like a kid in a candy store, dreams of becoming prime minister.

From a deep dive on the ocean floor, I decided to chill with my pipe. My thoughts were centered on an email I received. “On June 18, 2015, while a guest of Timothy Poleon on Newsspin, Allen Chastanet stated that he had an ***MBA*** degree mixed with economics. Six weeks later, after much pressure from the Saint Lucian public, Allen Chastanet has circulated a letter and now allegedly copies of his certificate in the media claiming that he is the recipient of an ***MA***(Master of Arts Degree). HTS on the other is suggesting he has an MSc. SHOULD [note the emphasis] this turn out to be true, did Allen Chastanet misrepresent himself when he appeared on Newsspin? See clip attached for details. Did Allen Misrepresent Himself?”

My deliberate hunch recalls, when the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet was minister for tourism, countless disclosure information was not forthcoming. Was this by design to somehow conceal incompetence? The debacle of the certificates says plenty to all the mix-up in cabinet conclusions and loose dealings. Because how else can a man, who claims to have a mixed degree of repute and accomplishment, mix-up everything he touches worse than the one before?

This is phony business, eh; I supposed cabinet was faked with basketball moves and duped by countless dribbling? Was that the expertise from a mixed degree persona, if attained via playing basketball? That’s a big problem because, with all the expertise available to cabinet and the public service, this was missed. So how on earth a very simple matter turns out to cement the claim that the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet got away with that façade and now we are getting to know he was not trustworthy, not even as a water boy in cabinet.

Now we know, the most sorrowful mystery is Elijah Anatole, Dave Samuels and Lionel Ellis sly behaviours are at work on the public relations team to smooth-out an entry level job in the village of Micoud for the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet. The Lord works in mysterious ways and there is nothing the public relations team can say or do to change history from fake love of Soufriere. He abused the people’s goodwill and resources and left in the twilight, like an alien without saying a word. Not a word, nor a word, not a word. How ungrateful a man who claims to have means, clinks on to entitlements on the back of ordinary folks.

The voters of Micoud South have no place for a political monkey, who jumps from one constituency to the other. Micoud South will not be duped to build a zoo to feed the appetite of a half-baked Castries mulatto aristocrat Allen Chastanet on the backs of banana farmers.

Politics can be shameless, boring, pretentious and exciting as a side show for clowns on the backs of voters. Without question the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet has driven politics to the lowest ebb. He has divided the country with traces of prejudice that shows empathy for cruel despots pre- and post-emancipation.

We now see shades once placed on desperate elitist ego are lifting, based on not authentic human quality, with a prejudiced mix that will say and do anything to satisfy selfish desires. This amusement for the candidacy of the half-baked Castries mulatto, the aristocrat Allen Chastanet is now death by default anytime the general elections are called. This is a nuisance that must go before further damage is done to Saint Lucia.

In time, Guy “The Poodle” Joseph and the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet will report to the public:

• What caused him and his master to be off island at the same time and in the company of each other?

• From where were two fresh minted certificates released off island?

• Will they confirm or deny if there is an Irish and /or American bank account, and whether there were transactions made in July 2015, and what for purpose?

You can discount my questions, save for Timothy Poleon, a half-man fielding at forward short leg washes his hands in frustration on the real drama within his party, Bal fini, violon dans sac – the fete is over, pack up!Real Drama!

Now we know why the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet was comfortable being the water boy at cabinet meetings, snooping in and around Stephenson King. All the while his father was in the bosom of the SLP.

According to King, the supermarket gurus took advantage of the poor. Life has a way of paying back itself. To those who are thinking of voting for UWP, their head and hands need a transplant with a sense of urgency!

This weekend Saint Lucians celebrated Emancipation Day. This is a time to remember the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet and his descendants who continue to ‘take advantage of the poor’ and treat Saint Lucians with disdain.

My hunch is the half-baked Castries mulatto, aristocrat Allen Chastanet is not ready for any entry level job. He does not pass the sniff test of change – even when he tries to drop all pretences, he still appears fake! He was unqualified to be a water boy at cabinet meetings then and now. He is without household etiquette to wash my dishes, clean my septic tank, (something he alone knows he is good at) or come around my boat boys.

He cannot be trusted to babysit my pet cat and walk my poodle on the beach while I enjoy the sunset. This isn’t good for a candidate, who cannot be trusted on simple things. Now he is trying to fake-it to become prime minister. Not over my cold dead hands!

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