Exhibition and Town Hall meeting for Suicide Awareness Week

Exhibition and Town Hall meeting for Suicide Awareness Week

The National Mental Wellness Centre is the Venue for the display of creative work put on by the Clients of the said institution. The exhibition which forms part of the activities in observance of Suicide Awareness/Prevention Week with will run until Friday 11th September.

Executive Director of Mental Wellness Services, Charmaine Hippolyte-Thomas said the exhibition is very important particularly during the observance of Suicide Awareness and Prevention.

“This year we’re looking at the theme ‘Preventing Suicide and Reaching Out.’  Also we would like persons to become more aware of the many ways we can take care of our mental health and also to allow the community and family to be part of what we are observing.”

Among the highlights for suicide prevention week is a panel discussion from 7-9pm at the Castries Town Hall on Suicide Prevention Day which is recognized annually on September 10th.

“We have a number of qualified and competent person on that panel and offcourse we are expecting the public to joint us family members and everyone. Just come and lean and share about suicide prevention.” Thomas stated.

On the question of recognizing the signs and symptoms of mental illness the executive director said “Persons who are in difficulties or challenges they just need someone to listen and to just hear them out. Offcourse persons will not always be bold enough to say I need help. So we as the public and family members we have to be able to recognize some signs and that could be differences in the way they dress, the way they speak, their moods, behaviour and so on.”

Thomas added that help is available at all Wellness Centres around the island, Victoria Hospital and the Mental Wellness Centre. “At the Wellness Centre apart from admissions we have social work services, we have counselor services and so on.” She said persons who don’t wish to use the public system can access their private counselors and psychiatrists. To remain anonymous persons could also call the National Health Helpline 203 for free consultation.

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