Metal Sound All Set for Oktoberfest En Kweyol

Metal Sound All Set for Oktoberfest En Kweyol

Over the past few years, Oktoberfest en Kweyol has delivered a wonderful celebration of Creole music, culture and food, all flavoured with a variety of international beers at the annual event. This year is no different, as Windward and Leeward Brewery Ltd (WLBL) organizers of the event, gets set to host another exhilarating experience that is Oktoberfest En Kweyol. The event will be held on Sunday October 4 at Samaans park from 2 pm and will feature a variety of international beers as well as great entertainment from Saint Lucian performers and this year’s featured act Metal Sound.

Metal Sound is a group out of Martinique that broke onto the music scene in the early nineties. Inspired by Jamaican dancehall music, which had started impacting the world, they defined theirs as ragga-sound, producing several hits that became popular in the French Antilles as well as Dominica and Saint Lucia.

Metal Sound members Skanky, Guy AL and Prince Radikal solidified their presence with songs like; Lè on fanm kitéw, “Bonm siwo la,” Tros Jen” and “Jen fi ou dous” a cover of Buju Banton’s Bonafide Love.

Lead by Skanky, who is a pioneer of the reggae and dancehall scene in Martinique, Metal Sound released three albums, before the members went their separate ways. A regrouping recently, has found them back in the studio and playing live gigs again.

The members of Metal Sound are excited about playing at this year’s “Oktoberfest En Kweyol” alongside Saint Lucian acts like Ras Africa, Invader, Robbie, Alman, Secrets Band, Avot Sevis, Mamai La Kai, Silver Shadow Dancers, Leonette Pierre and DYP from Saint Lucia.

Tickets for this year’s Oktoberfest En Kweyol have already gone on sale at the CELL Outlets and WLBL offices and cost EC$30.

The event is sponsored by Digicel, FRC, SLTB, Paradise Waters, The Wave, RCI and Landmark Events.

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