Criminals on the prowl in car park at Victoria Hospital

Criminals on the prowl in car park at Victoria Hospital

Criminals are targeting parked cars in the lower car park at Victoria Hospital, breaking into the vehicles and stealing whatever they can find, it has been reported.

“There has been a spate of break-ins in this area,” a hospital visitor who spoke on condition of anonymity, told the Times.

According to the individual, two female siblings parked their vehicles, a 2013 Subaru and a 2014 Terios , on a visit to see their sick father at Victoria Hospital.

“When they returned to their vehicles both were broken into via broken windows although equipped with alarm systems,” the person lamented, while disclosing that although the women’s bags had been hidden under their car seats, the bandits found the items and made off with them.

“My concern is this: The security guards are aware of the ongoing problem but they said it is not their area to provide security,” the report said, adding that in one day there were five break-ins.

Another visitor to the Hospital reported a break-in of his Mazda Tribute recently where his wife’s handbag, concealed beneath a seat, was taken.

Contacted by the Times for comment, Executive Director of Victoria Hospital, Jeanette Hughes disclosed that reports of break-ins in the lower car park have reached the attention of the hospital management via individual Security Guards at the medical institution.

But she noted that although “technically” security at the car park is not under the purview of the Hospital, nevertheless management is reviewing the possibility of providing surveillance there during visiting hours as a matter of urgency.

Hughes said this was although the Hospital’s own security needs have increased in recent time and providing surveillance is already a challenge with the current manpower available.


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