New Education Sector Development Plan to Launch Friday

New Education Sector Development Plan to Launch Friday

The Ministry of Education will unveil a new five-year Education Sector Development Plan on Friday September 18th 2015, at the Golden Palm Events Centre at 10:00am.

The plan has as its main purpose to raise the levels of achievement for all learners, to enable them to benefit as individuals and also to contribute to national and regional socio economic development.

The Plan covers the whole of the education sector from early childhood education to the tertiary level. It also focuses on Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET), information technology, adult and continuing education and human resource development.

Acting Deputy Chief Education Officer (Planning) Kendall Khodra says a series of strategic priorities have been established through the plan for each component of the education sector.

“Embedded within the mission and vision of the plan, we are hoping to address some core areas where we have been lacking, such as skills and work ethics – the values of the child, in addition to other strategic areas of policy and technology,” Mr. Khodra said.

The priorities to be outlined in the publication were determined at various planning and consultative activities of the Ministry of Education spanning some ten months, acknowledging previous work undertaken and identifying the direction and priorities for the next half decade.

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