“Pregnancy 101 of Saint Lucia” launched

“Pregnancy 101 of Saint Lucia” launched

A Maternal and Child Health Patient Information Booklet dubbed “Pregnancy 101 of Saint Lucia” was formally handed over to the Ministry of Health, Wellness, Human Services and Gender Relation by the Republic of China (Taiwan) on Tuesday 15th September.

The booklet serves as a guide for expectant mothers to care for themselves during pregnancy by providing health and other relevant information.

Topics covered in the publication include, checkups during pregnancy, do’s and don’ts, packing list for labour, exercises during pregnancy, discomfort relief, healthy nutrition and other important topics.

Pregnancy 101 of Saint Lucia is a collaboration of the Ministry of Health and the Republic of China (Taiwan).

Health Minister Alvina Reynolds who addressed the launching ceremony said that the booklet, which will be available at all Health Centres, would empower both pregnant women and their partners.

Reynolds pointed out that childbirth, though natural, can be intense, demanding and frustrating, whereas pregnant women who are prepared manage the process better.

She noted that the new booklet would be especially useful for young mothers, including those who come straight out of adolescence into pregnancy.

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