Doctor Gale Rigobert netball competition continues

Doctor Gale Rigobert netball competition continues

The second annual Dr. Gale Rigobert netball tournament continued on Saturday 19th September and Sunday 20th September, 2015 from 6pm at the Micoud Multi-purpose Court. Four (4) games were played: El Ninos vs Dugard and Bocas Jr vs Mon Repos Jetsetters on Saturday, and on Sunday Bocas Jr vs Ti Rocher and Mon Repos Jetsetters vs D.F.O.

At the end of what was an exciting first match El Ninos secured a comfortable win over Dugard with a final score of 24 – 15. In the second match of the evening Bocas Jr. camc up against Mon Repos Jetsetters with a smashing 41 – 12 victory.

On Sunday Ti Rocher faced the defending champions Bocas Jr and struggled through to the end, managing to score 18 goals against the reigning champion’s 36.

D.F .0 challenged Mon Repos Jetsetters and at the end of the evening D.F .0 emerged victorious with a score of 31 – Il.

Matches continue on Sunday 27th September from 5pm with 3 matches scheduled to be played:

Mon Repos Jetsetters vs Dugard;

• Ti Rocher vs El Ninos and , D.F.O vs Bocas Jr.

This coming Sunday’s matches have the added side attraction of a bouncing castle to entertain the scores of children who have been turning up to support the netball stars.

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