Bexon Bus Association President welcomes new traffic measures

Bexon Bus Association President welcomes new traffic measures

The President of the Bexon Minibus Association, Demetrius Duplessis, has welcomed new traffic control measures implemented last week on the Bexon highway by the Ministry of Infrastructure,Port Services and Transport.

Duplessis told the Times that his association had been requesting such measures for years, and said it was unfortunate that their implementation came after the recent tragic death of a three-year old boy who was struck by a taxi as he crossed the road.

“It’s late but it’s welcomed,” he said of the new measures.

Duplessis called for additional measures to be considered such as speed bumps near the Bexon Health Centre and by the Marc gap.

“We need more speed bumps so that vehicles can slow down,” the Minibus Association President asserted, while observing that the current speed bumps that have been put in place are not so high as to pose a challenge to surmount.

In addition, Duplessis observed the need for sidewalks and areas where vehicles can pull off the road to stop.

The Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport last week announced that in an effort to improve the safety of motorists and pedestrians who use the Bexon Highway, a number of traffic control measures had been adopted.

According to the Ministry, considering that the physical location of the Bexon Primary and Infant Schools are on opposite sides of the roadway, that section of road has been declared a school zone.

As a result two speed bumps, two lay by’s and the accompanying signs were being erected, a statement from the Ministry noted, noting that the effectiveness of the measures will be monitored.

The Bexon Highway has been the scene of a number of serious accidents in recent time.

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