PM welcomes Blackheart to Vieux Fort

PM welcomes Blackheart to Vieux Fort

The newly refurbished Philip Marcellin Grounds, in Vieux-Fort, will be home to two matches in the first round of the 2015 Blackheart / SLFA Football Tournament. On Wednesday, September 23, 2015, Vieux-Fort North will face Roseau Valley at 6:00 p.m., while Vieux-Fort South will play against South Castries for a spot in the quarter finals at 8:00 p.m.

 Parliamentary Representative for Vieux-Fort South, Prime Minister, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony says he is elated that the grounds were completed as promised, and are ready to host Blackheart for the first time. According to the Prime Minister, the final touches are underway and all is set for Wednesday.

 Dr. Anthony said,

 “Like the people of Vieux-Fort, I am very happy that we are part of the action this year. When I spoke in Soufriere last year, I did promise to complete the Philip Marcellin Grounds and to work with the organizers of Blackheart, to host the tournament this year. This is an opportunity not just for the footballers, but for our vendors and other service providers in the south.

 “The field is ready, the Philip Marcellin Grounds is lit and final preparations such as the erection of temporary stands and the refurbishment of existing and additional seating is underway.”

 Speaking on the impact a home crowd will have on his Vieux-Fort South Team, the Prime Minister says he is very confident in his team’s ability to move forward in the competition. According to Dr. Anthony,

 “Last year, we made it very far against the odds. When Vieux-Fort South played the first match in 2014, I recall that I was one of only two supporters in the crowd. We won and I was able to mobilize more support for the following two matches.

 “No doubt, the support of the community will go a long way in boosting the team’s confidence. I know they have been in training and have promised to give a good account of themselves. As always, they have my full support and I will be one of the loudest voices in the crowd on Wednesday.

 “I know the people of the south look forward to Wednesday’s encounter and will turn out in large numbers, as we have done for other events at the Philip Marcellin Grounds.”

 The Prime Minister has pledged to continue to organize and support sporting activities in his constituency, as it is a proven to be unifying tool and also help develop skills and talent. Dr. Anthony presently plays a major role in ongoing football and cricket tournaments being played in his name.

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