CSA General Secretary Stalls Extraordinary Meeting

CSA General Secretary Stalls Extraordinary Meeting

The members of the Save Our Union (CSA) Team were in a state of shock and bewilderment when we heard the media statements made by the CSA General Secretary Bro. Pierre on September 15th, 2015.

Our attendance at the meeting of 10th September, 2015, with the Labor Commissioner was to foster a resolution to the 512 members’ petition submitted on June 5, 2015, to the National Executive Council (NEC) requesting an Extraordinary General Meeting.

The matter was brought before the Labor Commissioner, through the legal counsel of the Save our Union Team. Bro. Pierre and the NEC, were obligated to accede to the request of 512 members who were signatories to the petition.

At the conclusion it was agreed by the legal counsel representing Bro. Pierre and the NEC that the request for the meeting was indeed constitutional and therefore it should be allowed to take place. It was further concluded that the agenda of the meeting was clearly stated and all that remained was for the General Secretary, as directed, to call the meeting and all the issues brought on by both parties should be dealt with at the said meeting.

The Save Our Union Team wants to set the record straight that at no point in the meeting there was any agreement that the agenda of the extra ordinary meeting had to be agreed upon beforehand.

Bro. Pierre comments on the matter are untruths, and we would like to state categorically that all Bro Pierre is mandated as per section 6.9 (j) of the constitution to issue a notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting by September 29th 2015 and further hold the same meeting not later than October 21st, 2015.

We would like to inform all concerned members that the meeting will take place.However, we continue to await a date time and venue.

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