Prison Officers unhappy over new job requirements

Prison Officers unhappy over new job requirements

Prison officers at Bordelais Correctional Facility,(BCF), are reported to be unhappy over positions at the institution that have become contractual.

The President of the Prison Welfare Association, Jim Williams, has told the Times that members are not taking the development too well and disclosed that they plan to meet to discuss the issue.

But Williams would not say when, neither would he be drawn on what was likely to happen as a result of the planned gathering.

“What members will do I cannot predict,” he made clear.

According to the Welfare Association Boss, a few months ago positions were advertised at the BCF, but when association members applied they were advised that the jobs would be contractual.

“As a result of that and based on provisions of our collective agreement, we are concerned about security of tenure,” Williams told the Times.

He revealed that based on the contractual arrangement members who apply would have to resign their positions, giving up in some instances between fifteen and twenty years of continuous service.

Williams explained that according to the collective agreement with the BFC, positions are expected to be filled from within.

“To say that association members are extremely unhappy would be to put it mildly,” the Association President declared, adding that it appears that the members have been seriously misled.

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