Save Our Union (CSA) Team responds to General Secretary

Save Our Union (CSA) Team responds to General Secretary

The Save Our Union (CSA) Team is appalled by the recent press statements made by the General Secretary of the CSA because the employees of the CSA Secretariat reported ill on Friday September 18, 2015.

Rather than chastising his employees and making Public their salaries and conditions of work, he should have sought to understand the reason(s) why his employees had fallen ill.

Information reaching the Save Our Union Team is that the Employees have been complaining of a being ostracize, with a tense charged and stressful working environment where the operations of the Secretariat is now being conducted in secrecy.

It appears that every member of this National Executive Council (NEC) is empowered to issue instructions to staff members of the Secretariat; a situation which the CSA, as a Trade Union, has always strongly condemned when it happens in any of the areas of work of their union members.

What pattern is being set by this NEC? Never in the Union’s history has an employer, and even worse a trade Union employer, revealed to the world the personal salary of its employees because their employees maybe have engaged in a form of industrial action.

Is that the caliber of persons who are charged with conducting the affairs of our beloved CSA? Threatening the jobs of their employees on National media? Is this the precedent now being set by our largest Trade Union?

The CSA’s leadership now acts in a manner which is worse than the most draconian and anti-worker employers in our Country; such a distressing situation for a Union to find itself in; a Union which was once held in such high esteem.

We call on all CSA Members and workers in general to condemn the current actions of the CSA in the strongest possible term.

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