SLP announces new series of public meetings

SLP announces new series of public meetings

As the Labour Government approaches the end of the fourth year in its current term of office, the SLP prepares to return to its public meeting platform, in a series of national public meetings, starting with a meeting in Castries South East on Thursday 15 October 2015.

The SLP platform will provide updates on programs and policies being pursued by government to build on the stable foundation which has been established in the period since 2011.

The SLP is inviting the public to come and be guided by the facts. The information which will be presented is intended to expose increasing attempts to destabilize the government and recreate the instability which existed during the term of the last UWP Administration.

Platform speakers will show why many of the detractors to the current government must not be allowed to take this country back to the period where ministers walked around with state funds in their pockets instead of submitting to the rules that require such funds be placed in the Consolidated Fund.

The Party will point to the turnaround that is currently being witnessed in the construction industry where increases of 4.8 percent in importation of building materials have been recorded the first 6 months of 2015.

The public will be presented with the outstanding achievements in the tourism industry; including the steady increase in tourism arrivals which already show a 5.3 percent increase in tourism arrivals for the first part of this year; maintaining the sustained increase in arrivals over the last three to four years.

The SLP will showcase progress in upgrading of sports facilities around the country and the rehabilitation of health facilities island wide.

The first part of the series will take the Party to its 2015 Conference of Delegates and celebration of its 65th.Aniversary which are being planned for Vieux Fort on Sunday 29 November.

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  1. Mary
    September 23, 2015 at 3:54 am Reply

    The Labour Party has forgotten to include some of their major achievements. An overwhelming increase in the number of indigents in the country. The implementation of the PM so called oppressive tax, the VAT. Removal of the subsidy on flour, rice and sugar. Increase cost of electricity and a 67% hike in water rates. Closure of an unprecedented number of small and medium size businesses. The almost total obliteration of the middle class. Highest unemployment among the youth and so on and so on…not forgetting that their policies drive people to the edge, record number of suicide cases.

  2. Jack
    September 23, 2015 at 2:26 pm Reply

    Majority of the work in the implementation of VAT was done by the King Govt not that I don’t support the tax regime but idiots like you make it seem that the tax or any levy is to enrich Dr Anthony or King. This small island must be developed and its people should be centrefold. We travel around the world, commitment to the job rain, snow or shine does not dwindle; payment of these same taxes be it 18.5% in Barbados or over 18% in England, Canada or the U.S we pay it without complaint.
    What do we want of this country, people like you said nothing when ministers walked around with state funds I. Their pockets, nothing when hurricane relief supplies were hijacked by MPs, nothing when councils misused state funds, nothing when Morocan Funds eluded the treasury, nothing when Chastanet rented a tent for over $800,000, nothing when low standard works were taken down adding to total waste.
    You have gained a voice now that the economy has stabilised, that increased social programs have been implemented to help the poor and vulnerable, our sporting facilities are being improved, assistance given to countless entrants to secondary school, laptops being issued, improved road networks, complete end to scandals in government, avoidance of the IMF………..

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