KPMG comes to the aid of La Croix Maingot primary

KPMG comes to the aid of La Croix Maingot primary

KPMG Eastern Caribbean today came to the assistance of La Croix Maingot primary school with a donation of uniforms, shoes and support to the institution’s school feeding program.

KPMG Partner, Frank Myers said:

“KPMG has a set of core values which require us to participate in the communities within which we live. It’s not just about doing business but it’s our responsibility to contribute as much as we can to the communities and help the communities grow. We think that given that education is such an important thing in the world this is a very good area for KPMG to get involved and it certainly is living up to the core values of the company.”

Myers said it had come to the attention of KPMG that certain children in the school were lacking in some of the equipment it takes to go to school on a regular basis, and after a conversation with the school Principal, the company decided to assist.

It is the first such initiative by KPMG at the La Croix Maingot primary school, but the company says it has provided other forms of assistance to other schools on the island.

Myers disclosed that KPMG will try to keep up the initiative at La Croix Maingot primary.

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