Tribute to Florita Marquis by Folk Research Centre and Alliance Francaise

Tribute to Florita Marquis by Folk Research Centre and Alliance Francaise

Floreta Marquis, the late chantwelle from Canaries, will be honored when the FRC and Alliance

Francaise stage their annual Music, Story-telling and Kwéyòl Poetry Fiesta on Wednesday 21st October

at 7. 30 pm. The venue will be the Pyramid at Point Seraphine.

The music of Floreta Marquis will be presented by the James Brothers (led by Martin James and

including violinist Yannick James) and her songs sung by local calypsonian Ready.

The FRC and Alliance have been collaborating from 2009 on this programme. The event has presented

local musicians, some well-known, others new; story tellers and Kwéyòl poetry. It has become a

popular, standing-room only event during Creole Heritage Month in October.

From 2011 the Kwéyòl language committee of the FRC, led by Laurent JnPierre, produced a Kwéyòl

poetry competition which was very successful. This ran for three years. In 2014, excerpted readings of a

Kwéyòl translation of Derek Walcott’s Ti Jean and his brothers by Allan Weekes, was produced by Travis

Weekes, replacing the poetry competition.

This year, the Kwéyòl language committee is producing the poetry section of the evening’s programme

under the theme of ‘Mango’. Poets and singers include Nintus and Ready, with writers Dr. Adrian Augier,

Ashanti Prescott, Alcess Ismael, Ras Isley and George ‘Fish’ Alphonse.

This year, excerpted readings of Allan Weekes’ translation of the Greek play Antigone into Kwéyòl will

be produced by Travis Weekes.

The popular Pin Jook will be the featured Kwéyòl story teller.

As usual, there will be no entrance fee and the show is open to the public.

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