UWP Deputy Leader calls for urgent reunification of party

UWP Deputy Leader calls for urgent reunification of party

The Deputy Political leader of the opposition United Workers Party, (UWP), Lenard Montoute, has told a news conference today that reunification of the party must be a priority, if the organization is to capture the confidence and full support of the electorate .

“Our primary priority must be positioning out party as a united force that is ready to govern with a comprehensive plan that will rescue Saint Lucia,”Montoute asserted, while noting that the country was in crisis.

He said while many Saint Lucians, concerned about the hardships that the Island faces, hold the common view there is need for a change of government, there are some expressing reservations about the United Workers Party in light of the apparent divisions within the leadership and the rank and file of the party.

“This situation has to be rectified urgently given the little time left before the next general elections,” the UWP Deputy Political Leader declared.

According to Montoute, the time has come for a broadening of the discussion beyond the leadership or the executive of the party.

“The faithful and wider public have a stake in this and should begin to vent their feelings and let their voices be heard on this matter,” he stated.

“ For me we should never be engaging in any exercise, constitutional or otherwise that will further divide the party,” Montoute noted, pointing out that in the past two years party conventions have played their part in creating divisions in the UWP.

He said it was his humble view that going into a convention now would worsen the divisions in the party.

“There is a clamoring on the part of United Workers Party members, others, and even independent persons who come to me all the time and say that they are unhappy with the performance of the government and are looking to the UWP for an alternative, but are not satisfied with what they are seeing because we need to show a unified face to the electorate,” Montoute told this morning’s news conference.

As far as the former Public Service Minister and former MP for Gros Islet was concerned, the UWP unity matter was a national issue, since in a democracy there must be alternatives.

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