UWP leader questions PM’s claim of economic recovery

UWP leader questions PM’s claim of economic recovery

Leader of the United Workers Party Mr. Allen Chastanet has wasted no time in responding to a statement issued earlier today by the Office of the Prime Minister under the caption: “PM Chastises Chastanet on statements made on the Economy”.

In a robust response Mr. Chastanet stated that there is nothing in his earlier comments which suggest that he was in any way questioning public professionals but rather the failed leadership of the current Prime Minister and his rudderless administration, a Government apparently devoid of any progressive ideas and seemingly blind to the problems which plague our nation.

According to Mr. Chastanet it is clear that Saint Lucia as a country and the quality of life of Saint Lucians have regressed under the stewardship of Kenny Anthony.

He expressed the current disappointment of Saint Lucians whom he said had been made to foot the bill of just under two billion dollars over a combined period of fourteen years of Kennynomics to sustain a disastrous experiment of “on the job training” for Kenny Anthony.

Mr. Chastanet recalled the threat made by Dr. Anthony during the tenure of the last UWP Administration when he vowed in an act of political mischief, to discourage foreign business interests from investing in the island.

Mr. Chastanet contrasted this to his role as political leader of the UWP in encouraging investors even whilst he is in opposition, and even whilst the legislative regime is not the most attractive to foreign investment, to explore business opportunities here.

It is the role and obligation of any responsible opposition party, according to Mr. Chastanet to always act in the best interests of the country.

The UWP is especially seized of the need to continue playing such a role as it, along with many Saint Lucians are forced to cope with the challenges of growing unemployment, a shrinking economy and an increase in crime, all of which are a direct result of Kenny Anthony’s reckless and ill-conceived policies.

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    Is this a response? What the hell is this? A set of “jumble-up” garbage from an individual who has not a clue!


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