More support urged for Saint Lucia National Trust

More support urged for Saint Lucia National Trust

One of the founding Fathers of the Saint Lucia National Trust, Doctor Edsel Edmunds, has said that without additional support and funding from government agencies, businesses and local communities, the organization will continue to fall short in the achievement of its mandates.

Edmunds made the comments in a congratulatory message to the Trust on the occasion of its 40th anniversary.

He disclosed that in the course of his recent visit to Saint Lucia, it became clear that there is the need for far greater support and involvement from all sectors of the community for the Trust to fulfill its noble objectives, as well as the necessary financial underpinnings to accomplish them.

“Founding members were clear in the formulation of these objectives, but for various reasons, we have fallen short in fulfilling some very important projections,” Edmunds asserted.

While congratulating past and present governments and managers of the Trust, he said that having examined well defined needs, the organization should accelerate efforts in its approach to international agencies and friendly governments with well-defined proposals in keeping with mutual interests.

Edmunds noted by way of example, that there are agencies with a specific mandate to assist countries in the establishment of museums and the preservation of historical sites.

“There is an example of a Caribbean country which, in addition to establishing a central museum, has established museums in different districts of that country with some funding from friendly supporters,” he explained.

Edmunds noted that there is also a need for a vigorous research component to further define and uncover the yet unknown facets, realities and challenges facing the execution of the objectives of the Trust, noting that one of the stated objectives of the organizations is “to encourage research on cultural and national resources of the country.”


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