Police say crime scene preservation campaign a success

Police say crime scene preservation campaign a success

The Royal Saint Lucia Police Force (RSLPF), has reported that an initiative it launched in July this year to help reduce contamination of crime scenes by members of the public has proved to be a “tremendous success.”

The disclosure came this morning from Sergeant Shervon Matthew of the RSLPF Crime Management Unit, as he addressed a news conference this morning aimed at continuing the sensitization and awareness campaign on the importance of crime scene preservation by the public.

“It has been and is a grave concern for law enforcement personnel,” Matthew said.

He disclosed that when a crime occurs, securing the scene is the first order of business for the responding officer in order to ensure that there is no loss of physical evidence.

Nevertheless Matthew told the news conference that most times when crimes occur, citizens are the first the first persons on the scene.

“No care or attention is taken with regard to security or loss of evidence,” he asserted, adding that as a result evidence is easily lost as persons either accidentally or intentionally disturb the scene.

Matthew said this is due to lack of knowledge, which is the reason why the RSLPF has sought to help to minimize crime scene interference through public awareness and education.

The campaign, since its July launch, has taken the form of radio and television interviews, visits to schools and the distribution bookmarks with simple tips on how to protect a crime scene.

To continue the Island wide campaign, the RSLPF collaborated with My Commercial Kings Limited and obtained the help of radio personalities and music artistes to bring across the crime scene preservation message in a more “appealing and catchy” way in Public Service Announcements, (PSAs).

The PSAs were done in collaboration radio personalities and artists including  Iwer, Teddyson John, Pringles, Ezra D’ Dun Machine and others.


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