CCSS Teachers hope they will not be forced to escalate their protest

CCSS Teachers hope they will not be forced to escalate their protest

Castries Comprehensive Secondary School,(CCSS) teachers, declaring enough is enough, have expressed the hope that their current sit-in at the institution to protest the school building’s structural issues, does not have to escalate.

“We are taking this one step at a time, hoping it does not go much further and that the relevant authorities see we are in dire need and come to our assistance. We are hoping that this is the first and only step,” the Saint Lucia Teachers Union representative at the CCSS, Johan Annerville, told the Times.

Annerville disclosed that the safety of teachers and students has been ignored for long enough.

According to her, representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure have been to visit the school and nothing has been done about the concerns.

“ We are exposed here to mold. Our entire form two block, the ceiling is falling apart and every day it’s another piece of concrete dislodging. One piece hit a teacher on his head. The second time in the afternoon it was a student, so really and truly you would have to ask why haven’t we done something sooner,” Annerville asserted.

She explained that the teachers remain occupied with their duties such as preparing for lessons and marking scripts, while students remain in the classrooms which are being manned by Prefects.

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