Police launch Public Service Announcements

Police launch Public Service Announcements

On Tuesday, September 29, 2015 the Major Crimes Unit launched ten Public Service Announcements – (PSAs) which complemented the messages carried on the Preserve and Protect Bookmarks dissemination campaign, launched in July this year .

The Public Service Announcements follows the same thematic areas as the bookmarks which include ten messages on Health and Safety for Civilians at Crime Scenes. The PSAs, voiced mainly by media personalities and local soca artistes were produced by Irvin Ace Loctar, well known St. Lucian music producer.

Meanwhile, vocal supporter of this RSLPF initiative, Senator Dr. Stephen King who is also the island’s senior pathologist, has called on the business/corporate sector to partner with the Police to make this effort a success as much as possible.

“The more we can inspire all citizens, all residents to do the right thing, the better for us,” he remarked.

The PSAs will be aired on local airwaves soon.


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